Popular Scam Shopping Sites 2023

    Popular Scam Shopping Sites (Jan 2023)
    Last Updated on March 24, 2023

    Watch Out for Shopping Scam!

    Now that we’re past the busiest shopping season of the year, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the scammers may slow down on the number of fake shopping websites (shopping scam) they’re creating. But it sure doesn’t seem that way because we’ve detected lots of sites over the last week or so that have got tons of visitors — and most likely tricked a fair few of them into parting with their money and inadvertently sharing their personal data.

    Fake Shopping Websites List 2023

    Here are the most popular fake shopping sites we’ve recently detected in 2023 – A list of scamming websites:


    Popular Scam Shopping Sites (Jan 2023)_PiloSaleLtd[.]com_20230113


    Popular Scam Shopping Sites (Jan 2023)_Omitages[.]com_20230113


    Popular Scam Shopping Sites (Jan 2023)_Hardaddy[.]com_20230113


    Popular Scam Shopping Sites (Jan 2023)_MyFaceBoxer[.]com_20230113


    Popular Scam Shopping Sites (Jan 2023)_Morrity[.]com_20230113




    Scam sites such as the ones above are getting harder and harder to tell apart from legitimate sites. However, there are often still some telltale signs that they’re not to be trusted:

    Note: Most sites won’t exhibit all these signs.

    • Too-good-to-be-true deals and massive discounts available on almost all products.
    • An unusual/nonsensical URL — MyFaceBoxer[.]com and PiloSaleLtd[.]com, for example.
    • Lots of 5-star (but irrelevant) customer reviews.
    • The acceptance of only non-common payment methods (wire transfer/cryptocurrency etc.).
    • A countdown timer on the checkout page.
    • Unreasonable requests for detailed personal information.
    • Typos and questionable wordings.
    • A lack of valid contact details.
    • A low trustscore on ScamAdviser.

    It goes without saying, but you’ll want to stay well clear of scam shopping sites. You’re almost guaranteed to not receive any items you purchase and any information you enter onto them — personal and financial information alike — will fall straight into the hands of the scammers.

    How to Detect Scam Sites

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