September 2023, August Cash 2023, May Cash 2023, April Cash 2023, and March Cash 2023 Scams

    MarchCash2023[.]com Scam or Not?
    Last Updated on September 13, 2023

    September 2023 com/August Cash 2023 com… Avre These “Month” Cash 2023 com: scams?

    Have you recently come across the websites MarchCash2023[.]com, AprilCash2023[.]com, MayCash2023[.]com, AugustCash2023[.]com, and SeptemberCash2023[.]com and wondered if they’re scam/spams sites or not? Well, you’re not alone! Plenty of people have been wondering the same thing! Although at first glance these sites look like nice ways to make some extra cash, unfortunately, they are NOT to be trusted. Keep on reading to learn more.

    MarchCash2023[.]com / UpLevelReward[.]com — confirmed bogus sites

    March Cash 2023: A confirmed scam/spam site

    Lots of people have been heading to Google and searching things like “March Cash 2023 com scam” to try to find out if the site is to be trusted or not. Well, unfortunately, it is not.

    We can confirm that although they may not be super malicious websites, MarchCash2023[.]com and UpLevelReward[.]com (the site it redirects to), are at minimum spam websites — and certainly not reputable enough for you to trust them with your personal information.  

    April Cash 2023: Unsurprisingly confirmed as a scam as well

    Some people have also been searching “April Cash 2023 com scam.” Same look, same layout, similar web address — yes, AprilCash2023[.]com is also a SCAM.

    april cash 2023 com scam
    AprilCash2023[.]com — confirmed bogus site

    May Cash 2023 Scam, August Cash 2023 Scam, and September Cash 2023 Scam (Again)

    May Cash 2023 com Scam
    MayCash2023[.]com/AugustCash2023[.]com/SeptemberCash2023[.]com — confirmed bogus sites

    Common scam/spam site tactics

    After answering the quick, 3-question survey on these websites, you’ll be asked to enter your email address — and this is exactly what the site wants: your information.

    Although it may not seem like much, your email address is valuable to cybercriminals because once they’ve got it, they can send you targeted scams. Such scams can often be highly deceptive and very dangerous. So, in the interest of keeping your information out of the hands of scammers, stay away from MarchCash2023[.]com and similar sites.

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