Top Father’s Day Scam Websites May 2023

    Top Father's Day Scam Websites_20220516_feature
    Last Updated on May 26, 2023

    With it being only a little over a month away from Father’s Day, you’ve probably been searching the web for the perfect gift for your dad to show him just how much you love him! However, if you’ve come across any of the sites mentioned in this article, steer well clear because they’re all scams!

    In this post, we discuss some currently most visited scam shopping websites with Father’s Day promotional campaigns. Keep on reading so you know which sites to avoid and how you can spot scam websites in the future!

    Latest Father’s Day Scams (As of May 2023)

    From May 15 to May 22 2023, we already detected 76,863 online shops running bogus Father’s Day sales campaigns! Have you come across any of them?

    #1 — tiendahat[.]com

    Fathers Day Scam 2023

    #2 —moderndeal[.]co

    Fathers Day Scam

    #3 —manualliy[.]com

    Fathers Day Scam

    #4 —fathersdays[.]store

    Fathers Day Scam

    #5 —cicugu[.]shop

    Fathers Day Scam

    #6 —mytopcustom[.]com

    Fathers Day Scam  gift

    Top 3 Father’s Day Scams May 2022

    #1 — Esesshop[.]com

    Top Father's Day Scam Websites_20220516_1

    Esesshop[.]com is a shopping website that appears to sell an extraordinarily wide range of goods — from Panama hats to Christmas wreaths. Better yet, EVERY item on the site is heavily discounted, with almost every one of them hovering around 50% of the original price.

    However, as you might have guessed, the site is 100% A SCAM!

    Top Father's Day Scam Websites_20220516_2
    One of Esesshop[.]com’s Father’s Day discounts

    The discounts might be tempting, but after digging a little deeper, it’s clear the site isn’t what it claims to be. When checked with ScamAdviser — which is an excellent website for verifying the legitimacy of sites — Esesshop[.]com achieves a rock bottom rating of just 1/100! It loses points for multiple reasons, including the fact that the server the site is hosted on also hosts other websites with poor reviews and because it is located in what is classed as a high-risk country.

    Esesshop[.]com’s contact us page lists the company’s customer service email address as nobecat@outlook[.]com — a fairly unprofessional sounding email address. It’s also highly suspicious when websites use email addresses from large email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.

    Although the site promises “secure payments”, “free returns”, and “once-in-a-lifetime deals”, it’s safe to say that Esesshop[.]com is one shopping site you should stay away from!

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    #2 — Hobbyclubone[.]com

    Hobbyclubone[.]com is a website with lots of seemingly great Father’s Day gifts.

    Top Father's Day Scam Websites_20220516_3
    Great gift ideas for dads, but the website is a scam!

    If you were looking to pick up one of the handsomely discounted items on Hobbyclubone[.]com this Father’s Day, we’ve got bad news because the site is a confirmed scam.

    There are plenty of telltale signs, too. None more so than the contact us page — or rather, the lack of a contact us page.

    Top Father's Day Scam Websites_20220516_4

    If you place an order on the website and you have an issue (which you almost certainly will because the site is a scam), good luck getting any type of resolution at all with no way to contact the company!

    ScamAdviser gives the website a Trustscore of just 1/100 too, marking it down because its owner is hiding his or her identity and because the server is located in a high-risk country, among other reasons.

    #3 — Eamoms[.]com

    Top Father's Day Scam Websites_20220516_5

    Rounding out our list is Eamoms[.]com. Although this site doesn’t feature some of the outrageous discounts of the other sites, there are still some very obvious signs that it is a scam.

    One dead giveaway is the misspelling of “clothes” in the “Cloth and Shoes” category name on the homepage. Typos such as this are common on scammer-controlled websites and something you should keep an eye out for.

    Just like Esesshop[.]com, Eamoms[.]com lists an unusual email address on its contact us page: service@luckyforeverr[.]com@gmail[.]com. We haven’t misspelled that email, by the way, that is the exact one listed. Not only will it not work if you try to send an email to it, but there is also the question of why is Eamoms[.]com using an email address with the domain luckyforeverr[.]com? Suspicious to say the least!

    Just like the other two sites listed, Eamoms[.]com achieves an abysmal score of 1/100 on ScamAdviser, losing points for many of the same reasons as the others.

    #4 — Picktiktok[.]site

    Top Father's Day Scam Websites_20220516_6
    Save 50%?! Unfortunately, it’s a scam

    Once again, ScamAdviser knows what it’s talking about — another 1/100 score for the scam website Picktiktok[.]site. This is a site that claims to sell garden equipment, beauty and personal care products, and kid’s toys, among other things. However, the site is also currently advertising two heavily discounted items that would be perfect for a Father’s Day gift:  a smartwatch and a smart band/bracelet.

    As you might have already guessed though, those two products and their discounts are not real, but scams — just like the site as a whole!

    #5 — Phigolf[.]store

    Top Father's Day Scam Websites_20220516_7

    Does your dad like to play golf? Then you might have been tempted to purchase something off the very convincing scam website, Phigolf[.]store. It’s a site that sells a device that, together with the company’s app, can function as a realistic golf simulator.

    Although the site is very professional in its design, just like all the other sites on this list, it’s a 100% confirmed scam. Stay away from Phigolf[.]store!

    ScamAdviser rating: 1/100.

    #6 — Luoccia[.]com

    Top Father's Day Scam Websites_20220516_8

    The final site on this list of scam websites you need to stay away from is Luoccia[.]com. Once again, like many of the other sites mentioned, seemingly every product on this website is available at a heavily discounted rate — a huge sign that there is something fishy going on.

    Luoccia[.]com claims to be “a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest gadgets”. And while that’s all well and good, you definitely won’t want to spend any money on this website because you will never see the product!

    ScamAdviser rates this site a pitiful 1/100, too.

    How to Stay Protected

    Here are some things to watch out for when shopping online:

    • The acceptance of unusual payment methods (wire transfer/mobile payment apps etc.).
    • Unreasonable requests for detailed personal information.
    • Typos and questionable wordings.
    • Lack of genuine reviews/lots of irrelevant reviews.
    • Too-good-to-be-true deals.

    For more tips on spotting fake online shops, please check out this article.

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    More Father’s Day Scam Websites to Watch Out for

    The list of scam shopping websites featuring Father’s Day gifts never ends, and below are some more fake websites we’ve detected recently (updated on June 15). Did you come across any of them?


    Fathers Day Scam_haultops[.]com_20220615


    Fathers Day Scam_udecoridea[.]com_20220615


    Fathers Day Scam_tacticspants[.]com_20220615


    Fathers Day Scam_grabi-shop[.]com_20220615


    Fathers Day Scam_mfboutiquestore[.]com_20220615

    As ever, if you’ve found this article an interesting and/or helpful read, please do SHARE it with friends and family to help keep the online community secure and protected. Also consider leaving a comment and sharing your Father’s Day shopping experience with us below. Happy Father’s Day!

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