Top Easter Scam Websites 2023

    Top Easter Scam Websites 2023

    If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that scammers will never waste an opportunity to trick people into parting with their money and/or personal data, and Easter is no different. We’ve recently detected lots of scam websites running Easter-themed sales and selling Easter-themed products. And although these sites can be quite deceptive, there are some red flags to watch out for so you can avoid getting scammed. Keep on reading to learn more!

    Top Easter Scam Sites 2023

    It goes without saying, but you’ll want to stay well clear of all the scam shopping sites below. You’re almost guaranteed to not receive any items you purchase and any information you enter onto them — personal and financial alike — will fall straight into the hands of the scammers.

    #1 — Athvotar

    Top Easter Scams 2023_Athvotar[.]com

    #2 — Easchee

    Top Easter Scams 2023_Easchee[.]com

    #3 — InkInAction

    Top Easter Scams 2023_InkInAction[.]com

    #4 — LooShore

    Top Easter Scams 2023_LooShore[.]com

    #5 — MKDCreations

    Top Easter Scams 2023_MKDCreations[.]com

    #6 — Hardaddy

    Top Easter Scams 2023_Hardaddy[.]com

    Signs of a Scam Shopping Site

    Below are some of the scam shopping site red flags that you need to watch out for (many of which can be seen in the top Easter scam site examples above):

    Note: Most sites won’t exhibit all these signs.

    • No customer reviews or lots of 5-star (but irrelevant) customer reviews.
    • No contact info or it’s suspicious — a Gmail or Outlook email address, for example.
    • The site is full of too-good-to-be-true deals.
    • The site has no social media presence.
    • An unusual/nonsensical URL — LooShore [.]com or Hardaddy[.]com, for example.
    • There is a flash sale countdown clock.
    • A low Trust score on ScamAdviser.

    How to Detect Scam Sites

    If you want the easiest and most reliable method of detecting and avoiding scam websites for free, you need to check out Trend Micro Check!

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