Guinness Beer Father’s Day Giveaway Scams


    Have you received messages on WhatsApp that claim that Guinness is hosting a Father’s Day giveaway campaign and are therefore sending out free Guinness Mini Fridges as a reward? To all the Guinness lovers out there, don’t click (though it sounds attempting) — it’s a SCAM!

    Guinness Beer Father’s Day Giveaway Scam

    “Uncover the Hidden Prize in Guinness Father’s Day Giveaway!” Posing as Guinness, scammers are spreading phishing links via social media (Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp):

    Guinness Beer Giveaway Scams via WhatsApp
    Guinness Beer Giveaway Scams via WhatsApp. Source: Facebook

    If you take the bait and open the link, it will take you to a fake Guinness survey page where you’ll be told to fill out a questionnaire and provide personal information like your address and credit card number. Do this, and scammers will record these credentials, and use them for criminal activities — such as stealing your money or committing identity theft.

    guinness giveaway scam fathers day
    Guinness Father’s Day giveaway phishing page. Source: Twitter (@KavanaghCPO)

    The scam page will also ask you to share the link with others. In addition, after scammers gain access to your account they can use it to spam all your contacts with the scam link as well. You are not only exposing your credentials — but your friends and familys too. Don’t let that happen! Lastly, watch out for this malicious link:

    People warning their friends about Guinness Father’s Day giveaway scams. Source: Facebook

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    Stay safe this Father’s Day and good luck with gift shopping! If you’ve found this article interesting and/or helpful, please SHARE it with friends and family to help keep the online community secure and protected. Also, please consider leaving a comment to share your online shopping experience with us.

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