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    Trend Micro Check browser extension

    While browsing the internet do you sometimes have doubts about the legitimacy of the sites you’re visiting? Or do you often find yourself wondering whether a special offer you’ve come across is simply too good to be true? The internet is an essential part of all our lives, but it’s not without its flaws. There are scams and misinformation everywhere. But don’t worry, Trend Micro has got you covered!

    Trend Micro Check is a browser extension that integrates seamlessly with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. As a 3-in-1 security scanner, ad blocker, and fact-checker, it scans the sites you visit in real-time, verifying that they’re free of misinformation and scams. We give you the breakdown on the information so you can choose what to believe. Plus, it’s completely free! 

    Click here to download it. After installation, be sure to pin the extension to your toolbar — check the end of the article for full instructions.

    Trend Micro Check

    With Trend Micro Check, you can:

    1. Browse the web safely

    The extension verifies that every website you visit is safe and secure, giving you complete peace of mind. Dangerous web pages are blocked automatically.

    TMC toolbar_Block scam page_0611

    Trend Micro Check can identify seven different types of potentially unsafe websites:

    • Dangerous websites
    • Scam websites
    • Phishing websites
    • Gambling websites
    • Piracy websites
    • Risky websites
    • Explicit websites
    Trend Micro Check UI

    2. Retroactively remove threats

    New scams and nefarious websites appear every day. Fortunately, Trend Micro Check has got your back!

    The extension automatically checks your browsing history over the previous seven days, and if it retroactively detects that you visited a potentially dangerous website, you’ll be prompted to remove it from your history. 

    TMC toolbar_Browsing history_Dangerous_0611

    Browsing history status: AWESOME! 

    TMC toolbar_Browsing history_cleaned_0611

    3. Say goodbye to annoying ads & third-party tracking

    Seriously, is there anything more irritating than being bombarded by ads when you’re browsing the web? Well, thanks to Trend Micro Check, this is a thing of the past! The extension blocks every type of ad (even those pesky pop-ups!), letting you surf the internet uninterrupted.

    TMC Toolbar review_AD block_0628

    Online privacy is a big concern for everyone — now more so than ever. Nobody wants their browsing data tracked and collected by third parties. However, ensuring that this doesn’t happen is easier said than done. The big sites often have complicated terms of service, and who knows what some of the less reputable sites are doing with consumer data!

    Guaranteeing that your activity isn’t tracked on social media and third-party websites is as easy as flipping a couple of switches!

    TMC Toolbar_social and web analytics_0628

    Bingo! Complete peace of mind!

    4. Combat fake news & misinformation

    The internet is amazing. It’s filled with more information than you could learn in a lifetime. Unfortunately, it’s also full of lots of misinformation, and it can sometimes be quite tricky to tell the real from the bogus.

    Trend Micro Check uses our proprietary algorithms, as well as data from leading industry experts to guarantee you’re accurately kept in the know. 

    It’s as simple as highlighting a section of text on a website and clicking the Trend Micro Check icon. Near instantaneously, you’ll receive a breakdown containing verified information from reputable websites on the topic, enabling you to get the full picture easily.

    TMC toolbar_Fact check_0611-min

    Installation instructions

    Google Chrome
    1. Click here to download and install Trend Micro Check.
    2. Open Chrome and click on the puzzle piece icon (extension) in the top right-hand corner.

    TMC toolber_pin-1_0705


    3. Click the pushpin icon (push_pin) to the right of “Trend Micro Check”.


    Microsoft Edge
    1. Click here to download and install Trend Micro Check.
    2. Open Edge, click on the Settings icon (more_horiz)  in the top right-hand corner, and then Extensions.

    TMC toolbar_Edge_pin_0628-1

    3. Click the switch icon (toggle_off) to the right of “Trend Micro Check”.

    TMC toolbar_Edge_pin_0702

    Trend Micro Check is also available for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. For more information, please click here.
    Click on the button below to get Trend Micro Check and enjoy a safer browsing experience now.

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