Stanley 1913 US Scam & Stanley 1915 Quencher Tumbler Scam

    Stanley1913US Scam
    Last Updated on August 31, 2023

    Are Stanley 1913 US & Stanley 1915 Scams?

    If you’ve come across social media posts promoting tempting deals on Stanley Quencher tumblers at shopping sites Stanley1913US[.]com/stanley1915[.]com and you’re wondering whether they are legitimate, you’re in the right place! The short answer is Stanley1913US and Stanley1915 are both 100% scam, but keep on reading for the full scoop!

    Stanley1913us[.]com and Stanley1915[.]com

    stanley 1913 us scam
    Stanley 1913 US scam site – Stanley1913us[.]com (1/2)
    stanley 1913 us scam
    Stanley 1913 US scam site – Stanley1913us[.]com (2/2)
    stanley 1915 com
    Stanley 1915 scam site – Stanley1915[.]com

    Imitating a legitimate company

    Stanley is a legitimate company and its website, (no US), sells Stanley vacuum flasks, lunch boxes, coolers, and lots of other products. Unfortunately, the website Stanley1913US[.]com is misusing the name of Stanley in an attempt to scam people.

    Stanley 1913 US and Stanley 1915 Review

    On ScamAdviser, Stanley1913US[.]com has an abysmal trust score of just 1% — definitive proof that the site is not to be trusted. However, if that wasn’t enough, a quick check to see when the site was registered reveals that it’s only been around since earlier this month — surely not enough time to have earned the trust of “500,000 Happy Customers”, as the site claims.

    Stanley 1913 us scam website_Whois_20230517
    Stanley1913US: registered on 05/06/23 (Whois)

    The age of Stanley1915[.]com is even younger – created on May 13, 2023:

    Stanley 1915 com Scam
    Stanley1915: registered on 05/13/23 (Whois)

    Bogus Stanley Quencher tumbler promotion on Facebook

    Chances are, if you’re reading this post wondering if Stanley1913US/Stanley1915 can be trusted, you saw posts on social media advertising/linking to the site — most likely offering big discounts. Both the posts and the discounts are bogus, even though many of them have garnered lots of reactions, comments, and shares (these interactions are from bot accounts).

    Stanley 1913 us scam facebook
    Bogus Stanley1913US promo (1/2)
    Stanley 1913 us scam
    Bogus Stanley1913US promo (2/2)

    If you’ve ever fallen for Stanley 1913 US scam or Stanley 1915 scam, please contact your bank to cancel the transaction ASAP.

    What the scammers want 

    As mentioned, Stanley1913US is a confirmed scam, and any money spent on the site will go straight into the scammers’ pockets. However, they’re not just after your money — they want your personal info, too. If you were to purchase something from the site, all the info you provide when doing so could be sold/leaked by the scammers onto the dark web and/or underground hacker forums. 

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