Retro Gaming of Denver Sale Scam

    Retro Gaming of Denver Sale Scam

    Many people are searching for the best deals this holiday season. But as you do so, watch out for fake sales campaigns online! Specifically, if you’ve come across holiday sales campaigns for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation from “Retro Gaming of Denver” on Facebook, then beware — the ads are likely a SCAM!

    Retro Gaming of Denver Sale Scam

    Recently there have been lots of fake Facebook ads claiming to feature sales campaigns from Retro Gaming of Denver, which is a real, popular video game store based in Denver, Colorado.

    Source: Facebook
    Retro Gaming of Denver Sale
    Source: Facebook

    Falsely claiming that they are having a “Farewell and Thank You” sales, the ads will lead to a fake Retro Gaming of Denver website (AllModern-Sale[.]com). This will eventually land you on retrogamingofdenver-sale[.]com.

    Retro Gaming of Denver Sale Scam
    (Fake) Retro Gaming of Denver website: retrogamingofdenver-sale[.]com

    Be sure to check the web URL carefully! Although the web address seems similar to thegenuine one(, it is NOT. And the page looks very different from the legitimate official website:

    (Genuine) Retro Gaming of Denver website:

    Retrogamingofdenver-sale[.]com Reviews

    Take a look at the deals on the fake website: Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 for 91% off? Yeah, these deals are too good to be true, and they really are.

    Source: Reddit

    Besides the suspicious deals, there are other red flags present, too. To start with, our friends over at anti-scam website, ScamAdviser, awarded retrogamingofdenver-sale[.]com a Trustscore rating of just 2 out of 100!

    ScamAdviser verdict

    In addition, its whois information indicates that retrogamingofdenver-sale[.]com is very young — registered on November 6, 2023, just 10 days ago!

    Source: Whois

    It’s also important to check where the ads come from. Are these pages official and/or verified? Below are two sample fan pages that run ads promoting Retro Gaming of Denver sales:

    (Fake) Retro Gaming of Denver page: PS5-Sale (1/2)
    Retro Gaming of Denver Sale Scam
    (Fake) Retro Gaming of Denver page: Retrogamingofdenver-sale (2/2)

    Safety Tip: Check the Page Transparency section — here you can see when the page was created, their admin information, and whether they are running ads. In this case, both fake Retro Gaming of Denver fan pages are very young:

    In fact, the owner of Retro Gaming of Denver has already published an announcement to warn their fans of the scams, emphasizing that the legitimate web address of their website is ONLY

    Official announcement from Retro Gaming of Denver

    Given all the reviews and information above, we suggest you avoid shopping or engaging with the Facebook ads or the related fan pages. Always do your homework before shopping and stick to the official channels (! For a more detailed tutorial on how to check if a website is legitimate, please head over here.

    How to Protect Yourself from Scam Sites 

    The truth is, there are lots of scams and scam sites on the internet and they’re getting even more difficult to detect with common sense alone. However, for an easy and reliable method of detecting and avoiding scam sites, check out Trend Micro ID Protection, which offers both free and paid services — with the latter available as a 30-day free trial.
     ID Protection can shield you from scams, fake and malware-infected websites, dangerous emails, phishing links, and lots more! If you come across something dangerous online, you’ll be alerted in real time so you’ll know to stay well clear.  

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