Top Maine Lobster Scam on Facebook

    top maine lobster scam

    Anyone craving some Maine lobsters? If so, be careful of where you choose to shop. For example, if you happen to encounter ads from the fan page “Top Maine Lobster” on Facebook, think twice before you proceed. Unfortunately, it’s a SCAM, and spending your money there will leave you as red in the face as a cooked lobster!

    Top Maine Lobster Scam

    Scammers have been running ads promoting seemingly amazing deals for frozen Maine lobsters and Giant Alaskan king crab legs on Facebook:


    Tempting as these deals may seem, these ads will lead you to a SCAM online shop called Topmainelobster[.]com. Many people have shared on Facebook how they’ve placed an order but never received any products in the end.

    Top Maine Lobster Scam

    Adding to the above, our friends over at anti-scam website ScamAdviser awarded Topmainelobster a Trustscore rating of just 1 out of 100.

    ScamAdviser verdict

    In addition, according to its whois information, topmainelobster[.]com is very young – registered on October 25, 2023.

    In addition to the reviews above, our research has found that there are at least two Facebook pages called “Top Mainelobster” (and they’re both scams):

    Top Maine Lobster scam

    Top Main Lobster Scam: Other Red Flags

    • Both pages have NO posts, and they share the same profile picture.
    • Page transparency: Is the page very young?

    Note: Even though a page may have been established years ago, you can check the web address and see if it corresponds to the name of the page. For example, it seems that the Top Mainelobster page originally belonged to another brand:

    Given all the information above, we recommend our readers avoid shopping or engaging with the Top Maine Lobster website or the related fan pages.

    How to Protect Yourself from Scam Sites 

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