Bristol Bay Seafood Facebook Scam

    Bristol Bay Seafood Facebook Scam

    Did you come across a Bristol Bay Seafood post on Facebook? If you are drooling already and considering placing an order, don’t do so — it’s a SCAM! 

    Bristol Bay Seafood Facebook Scam 

    Scammers have been running ads promoting frozen wild colossal red king crab legs on Facebook, and as of May 17, some of the posts have accumulated over 10K comments and 9.4K shares. At first glance, these bogus posts seem highly convincing, but all is not as it seems… 

    Bristol Bay Seafood Facebook Scam
    Bristol Bay Seafood promotion

    You would think that clicking the “Shop now” button would lead to a website where seafood can be purchased, but it actually leads to a fake online clothes shop called keeprake[.]com (a 100% scam site in its own right!). 

    A fake online clothes shop keeprake[.]com

    In our research, we found that there are at least two Facebook pages called “Bristol Bay Seafood” (and they’re both scams): 

    Bristol Bay Seafood Facebook Scam (1)
    Bristol Bay Seafood Facebook Scam (1)
    Bristol Bay Seafood Facebook Scam (2)
    Bristol Bay Seafood Facebook Scam (2)

    Here are some red flags: 

    • One of the pages has over 5.5 thousand followers, but according to its page transparency, it was only created earlier this month (on May 3rd). 
    Red flags (1)
    • Both pages have only several posts and pictures, and they were all posted around the same time. 
    • Many of the comments on the pages’ posts are repeated (because they were left by bots). 
    Bristol Bay Seafood Reviews
    • The scam shopping site the posts link to was only registered last month. 
    Red flags (2)
    Keeprake[.]com: registered on April 13, 2023 

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