Burton Clearance Shop Scam (Legit Company Impersonated)

    Burton Clearance Shop Scam

    If you’ve recently been in search of a new snowboard or snowboarding-related equipment and apparel, you might have come across the site burtonclearances[.]shop. The website offers seemingly too-good-to-be-true discounts of up to 90%, leaving you wondering about its legitimacy and trustworthiness. In short, the answer is no – it is not to be trusted. The site is a scam, misusing the name and branding of the legitimate company, Burton. For more details, keep reading.

    Burton Clearance Shop Scam or Not?

    Regrettably for Burton, a legitimate retailer known for selling snowboards, boots, apparel, and more, Burton Clearance Shop is exploiting its name and branding in an attempt to deceive people into thinking it’s a trustworthy site. Below, you’ll find screenshots comparing the fake site to the authentic Burton site (www.burton.com).

    Burton Clearance Shop Scam
    Burton Clearance Shop
    The real Burton site
    The real Burton site (www.burton.com)

    Two indicators that burtonclearances[.]shop is untrustworthy are its site registration date and ScamAdviser Trustscore. When seemingly well-established sites have very recent registration dates, it’s often a red flag. On the Burton Clearance Shop site, it boasts about successfully delivering over 1,000 packages (an unusual claim in itself). However, a quick Whois lookup reveals that the site was registered just a couple of weeks ago — highly suspicious.

    Source: Whois

    Furthermore, the site’s Trustscore on the anti-scam website ScamAdviser is at the lowest possible level: just 1 out of 100.

    Source: ScamAdviser

    Spreading Through Facebook Ads

    Similar to another sketchy site we reported on last week, the people behind burtonclearances[.]shop have been trying to get people to visit the site via Facebook ads. These ads advertise the site’s bogus discounts and encourage people to click quickly or miss out.

    Burton Clearance Shop Scam
    Scam Facebook ad (1/2)
    Burton Clearance Shop Scam
    Scam Facebook ad (2/2)

    If you see any of these Facebook ads, steer well clear.

    Burton Outlet Online Scam or Not?

    Another site guilty of misusing the name and branding of Burton is burtonoutletonline[.]com. Just like burtonclearances[.]shop, this is another site that you’ll want to give a wide berth. Here’s what it looks like:

    Burton Outlet Online
    Burton Outlet Online

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