619DW Guns and Ammo: A Real Store Impersonated by Scammers

    619DW scam

    619DW (Collectable Arms & Ammo) is a well-known firearms and ammunition shop in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Recently, it appears to have been targeted by scammers, with a series of fake websites and fake Facebook ads. It is probably the store’s larger-than-life persona and media presence that attracted the scammers in the first place. Right off the bat, it’s important to note that 619DW doesn’t have a Facebook account/page — so any content or communication under that name via Facebook should be treated with skepticism. Let’s dive in.

    619DW Guns and Ammo

    619DW website

    Pictured above is the real website, under the URL collectablearmsandammo.com. On Whois, we can see that the website was registered under the domain name, “619dw.com” on April 17th 2013, more than ten years ago. There is also a fair amount of coverage, discussions and reviews easily accessible online.

    619DW Scam: Examples

    Fake 619DW website
    Fake 619DW website

    Pictured above is a fake website, jhumanianil[.]com, claiming to be 619DW. Note the typos and other strange things: Wekeend/Weekend, Euro currency for a USA shop etc. In addition, you cannot simply have guns shipped to you — the real business says as much, and does not have an item list on the website. This fake website was only just registered as well, on December 9th.

    We have seen fake ads on Facebook, that claim to be from 619DW but instead lead to fake websites such as the above. On these pages your details will be harvested — and any “purchases” will be bogus. Best advice: report and ignore!

    619dw scam
    619dw scam

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