Balsam Hill 2023 Scam (Legit Company Impersonated)

    Balsam Hill 2023 Scam

    Balsam Hill is a 100% legitimate company that sells Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, and more. However, scammers have been misusing the company’s name and branding to create fake copycat versions of the real Balsam Hill site ( With the holiday season fast approaching, this is one scam that you need to be aware of. Keep on reading for all the info. 

    Balsam Hill 2023 scam sites vs the real site

    There is only one legitimate Balsam Hill website, but many fake sites have popped up recently, often being promoted via Facebook ads, too. Below is a comparison between the real website and one known fake site.

    real Balsam Hill site
    The real Balsam Hill site
    Balsam Hill 2023 scam
    A Balsam Hill 2023 scam site

    Known Balsam Hill scam websites:

    • bhspecial[.]com
    • christmas-bigsales[.]com
    • outletfinalsale[.]com
    • bh-clearance[.]com
    • balsmhillforsale[.]shop
    • bhoutletsale[.]shop

    Balsam Hill 2023 scam ads on Facebook

    Unfortunately, scammers have been promoting their Balsam Hill scam sites via Facebook ads. Below is an example of what they currently look like — but scammers may update their appearance at any time.

    Balsam Hill Facebook
    Balsam Hill scam Facebook ad

    Clicking on one of these scam Facebook ads will lead you to a bogus Balsam Hill site, and if you were to make a purchase on it, your money would go straight into the scammers’ pockets, and you would likely never receive your item(s).

    However, the scammers are not just after your money — they want your personal and financial info, too. Any info you enter onto a scam Balsam Hill site could be sold/leaked by the scammers onto underground hacker forums and/or the dark web. 

    Sadly, people have posted on social media about how they have unfortunately fallen for this Balsam Hill 2023 scam. A screenshot of one such post is below.

    Protect your identity and privacy

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