Glasana Scam (or Legit?)

    Glasana Scam
    Last Updated on Feb 20, 2024

    glasana[.]com is another risky jewelry-selling website that has recently garnered attention online. However, is it legitimate? The short answer is that it is not recommended to place an order on the site, but keep reading to find out more.

    Glasana & Luvasti — the same site?

    Just under a month ago, we warned about another risky jewelry-selling website, luvasti[.]com, advising against placing any orders. It seems that glasana[.]com is nearly identical to it.

    Luvasti website

    In addition to the fact that it’s virtually identical to a website already known to be risky, glasana[.]com claims to be “Celebrating 25 Years of Elegance,” but its website has only been live for a few weeks — suspicious to say the least.

    Glasana Scam_Whois

    Update (02/20/24)

    Another Copycat Site: Felidra

    Surprise, surprise, there’s another risky jewelry site that’s identical to Glasana and Luvasti — felidra[.]com. Although you already know what it looks like, here’s a screenshot of the site:

    felidra com scam

    Felidra[.]com was registered just a few days after glasana[.]com, but it didn’t get as much attention online at the time:

    felidra com scam

    What Glasana / Felidra want & ScamAdviser’s review 

    Just like Luvasti, it is very likely that any purchases made on Glasana or Felidra will not be honored. Those responsible for the websites may simply be using them as a means to steal people’s money and gather their personal and financial data, potentially with the intention of selling it to cybercriminals on the dark web or using it for subsequent criminal activities.

    The anti-scam website ScamAdviser awarded Glasana, Luvasti, and Felidra Trustscore ratings of 1 out of 100 — the lowest possible. According to ScamAdviser, Glasana and Felidra’s negative highlights are:  

    Glasana Scam_Scamadviser
    Glasana review on ScamAdviser
    felidra com scam
    Felidra review on ScamAdviser

    How to protect yourself from scam sites 

    The truth is, there are lots of scams and scam sites on the internet and they’re getting even more difficult to detect with common sense alone. However, for an easy and reliable method of detecting and avoiding scam sites, check out our free browser extension: Trend Micro ID Protection.         
    ID Protection can shield you from scams, fake and malware-infected websites, dangerous emails, phishing links, and lots more! If you come across something dangerous online, you’ll be alerted in real time so you’ll know to stay well clear.        

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