Oceanmild[.]com Reviews: Scam or Legit?

    Oceanmild[.]com Reviews: Scam or Legit?

    Have you come across an online store named oceanmild[.]com this week and wondered if it’s safe? Here’s the short answer: no it’s not, and yes it’s a SCAM! Keep on reading for oceanmild[.]com reviews and some handy tips for safe online shopping.

    Oceanmild com Reviews_oceanmild website_Scam_20230428
    Oceanmild[.]com website

    Oceanmild Reviews

    There are numerous negative reviews about oceanmild[.]com, with users complaining that they have been scammed – either not receiving any packages and/or failing to get refunds. Below is an example:

    Oceanmild com Reviews_Negative Review on Trust Pilot_20230428
    One of negative reviews about oceanmild[.]com Source: Trust Pilot

    Besides these negative reviews, there are also several red flags that prove oceanmild[.]com is a scam.

    Red Flags

    • There are suspiciously high discounts.
    Oceanmild com Reviews_Too good to be true deals_20230428
    Oceanmild[.]com Review_Scamadviser_20230428
    Source: Scamadviser
    • The website is very young – it was registered less than a month ago!
    Oceanmild[.]com Review_Whois_20230428
    Source: Whois
    • There is always a clock counting down to pressure you into placing orders.
    Oceanmild[.]com Review_Counting Down Scam_20230428
    • Much of the content is duplicated. For example, if you search for the content on the “ABOUT US” page on oceanmild[.]com, you will find that it also appears on many other websites:
    Oceanmild[.]com Review_ABOUT US_20230428.jpg
    The ABOUT section on oceanmild[.]com.
    Oceanmild[.]com Review_ABOUT US_Duplicate on Search Results Google_20230428.jpg
    • There is no contact phone number or address – just email. 
    Oceanmild[.]com Review_Email Contact_20230428.jpg
    oceanmild[.]com email
    • There are no reviews, and no social media presence. 

    In summary, there are many red flags with oceanmild[.]com, and we suggest you avoid this website. Best advice: do your homework and shop elsewhere!

    Shop Safe with Trend Micro Check 

    • Always double-check reviews of shopping websites
    • Check all the red flags mentioned above: pay attention to the company’s age, and be suspicious of great-sounding discounts or strange payment methods (such as only PayPal). 
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