Glitavo, Tandco & Silver Heart Tag: 3 Sketchy Jewelry Sites

    Glitavo, Tandco & Silver Heart Tag scam

    This week, three sketchy sites selling jewelry have appeared online, leaving many people questioning their legitimacy. In short, we strongly advise against placing orders on any of these sites. Continue reading for the full details.

    Glitavo Scam or Not?

    The first site on this list is Glitavo[.]com. Here’s what it looks like:

    Glitavo scam
    Glitavo scam or not?

    Glitavo is an interesting website because every product on it can be purchased at a discount of 100%, with buyers needing to only pay for the shipping costs. The site does this to entice people into making “purchases”. However, it is likely that buyers will not receive their items or receive ones of lesser quality.

    Be sure to steer clear of Glitavo or you may end up regretting your decision, like this unfortunate Redditor:

    Glitavo scam
    Source: Reddit

    Silver Heart Tag Scam or Not?

    The next site on this list is SilverHeartTag[.]com:

    Silver Heart Tag Scam
    Silverhearttag scam or not?

    Unlike Glitavo[.]com, items on SilverHeartTag[.]com aren’t all discounted by 100%, but still offer a high 66% off.

    SilverHeartTag Scam
    Every item is listed at 66% off

    Despite the tempting discounts, a quick Whois lookup reveals that the site was registered just a few weeks ago.

    Silver Heart Tag Scam
    Source: Whois

    When a seemingly well-established website was registered very recently, it can sometimes be a sign that it is not trustworthy, and that is most definitely the case with SilverHeartTag[.]com.

    Tandco Jewelry Scam or Not?

    The last sketchy jewelry site on our list is www.Tandco-Jewelry[.]com. Unfortunately, this site is misusing the name and branding of the luxury jewelry company Tiffany & Co. — which is in no way related to www.Tandco-Jewelry[.]com. Here’s what the site looks like:

    tandco com scam
    Tandco jewelry scam or not?

    This site, like the others on this list, has been spread via Facebook ads:

    tandco scam
    Tandco Facebook ad

    One way to check if a site can be trusted is to search for it on the anti-scam website ScamAdviser. Unfortunately for www.Tandco-Jewelry[.]com, ScamAdviser gives it a very low Trustscore of just 11/100 — definitely not a site you should rush to spend your money on.

    tandco com
    Source: ScamAdviser

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