ClasTory Com Scam & Thymency Com Scam (Sketchy Shopping Sites)

    ClasTory Com Scam

    If you’ve done any online clothes shopping lately, you may have stumbled across one or both of these identical shopping sites: clastory[.]com or thymency[.]com. If you’re wondering about their trustworthiness, the short answer is that you should steer clear of both sites, but for more info, keep on reading.

    ClasTory Com Scam & Thymency Com Scam

    The sites clastory[.]com and thymency[.]com are essentially carbon copies of each other. Here’s what they look like:

    clastory com scam
    thymency com scam

    Although neither of the sites have the ridiculously low prices or crazy discounts seen on many of the scam shopping sites we’ve written about previously, there are some signs that you should avoid spending your money on either site. One of these signs is the incorrect clothing descriptions:

    What appears to be a pair of spray-on skinny jeans are described as work pants:

    clastory com

    There’s also an “embroidered” hoodie that appears to lack any embroidery at all:

    clastory com scam

    In addition to the above, there’s also some strange wording on the sites, too:

    clastory com
    “Collection list” / “Sweaters Newly”

    Also, the anti-scam website ScamAdviser gives both sites the lowest possible Trustscore rating, a sure-fire sign that they’re not to be trusted.

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