Is Sheingivesback[.]com a Scam?

    sheingivesback com scam
    Last Updated on July 14, 2023

    SHEIN is a popular retail website that specializes in women’s clothing. It’s also a common target for scammers, who use its name and logo to create fake websites and campaign giveaways. Recently, we’ve been tracking the latest Shein-based scam currently making the rounds online — read on for the low-down.

    What Is SHEIN Gives Back?

    A fake product reviewing program called “SHEIN Gives Back” has been spreading like wildfire on TikTok and elsewhere. The program promises $800 or $750 gift cards to those who sign up at Sheingivesback[.]com.

    Is Sheingivesback[.]com a Scam?

    Unfortunately, Sheingivesback is just another phishing SCAM designed to harvest would-be victims’ personal information. If a user complies and submits credentials when signing up, there’s a real danger of being the victim of identity theft and monetary fraud.

    The SHEIN Gives Back scam is being promoted through popular TikTok videos, in which an example text message promises great returns for simply signing up. When you do so however, you’ll be redirected to scam URLs such as rewardsgiantusa[.]com, which is where your details will be harvested.

    Furthermore, you’ll also be expected to carry out multiple tasks and deals — many of which you’ll have to spend money on — before receiving the elusive gift card. Ultimately, this is a classic phishing scam, and has no relation or partnership with the official SHEIN business. Best advice: stay away from the Sheingivesback[.]com SCAM.

    Sheingivesback com
    Sheingivesback Scam Website – Sheingivesback[.]com

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