Testercareer[.]com: Scam or Legit? Netflix Video Tagger, Amazon Product Tester, & More Fake Jobs to Beware of

    Testercareer[.]com: Scam or Legit? Netflix Video Tagger, Amazon Product Tester, & More Fake Jobs to Beware of

    Looking for remote jobs and ways to earn extra money? You might have come across this website, testercareer[.]com, on Instagram or TikTok, which promotes remote jobs such as a Netflix video tagger, Amazon product tester, and other testing jobs for famous brands. Be careful though. The website is a SCAM!

    Testercareer[.]com Scam: How It Works

    Testercareer[.]com is 100% a scam. Featuring famous brand testing jobs, including Netflix, Amazon, CashApp, Starbucks, YouTube, Shein, and Lululemon, these “job application” buttons will lead you to different fake websites that impersonate the brands.

    Scam Alert_testercareer[.]com_Scam Page_20221222
    A screenshot of testercareer[.]com

    For example, you could end up on a fake Netflix job application page that requests personal information, such as your name, address, email address, and Social Security number — all data that is normal to give to employers, but very dangerous in the hands of scammers.

    If you fall for this scam, the scammers can use the credentials you’ve submitted to commit any number of crimes/cybercrimes in your name, or they could simply use the information to hack into your bank accounts and various online accounts.

    Don’t Fall for Remote Job Scams

    • Always go to the official website for any information on a job/career.
    • Don’t use random links you see on social media/advertisements! Consider an easy and reliable method of detecting and avoiding scam websites for free: Trend Micro Check.

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