TagAndChill[.]com — Netflix Tagger Job Scam

    TagAndChill[.]com — Netflix Tagger Job Scam
    Last Updated on March 31, 2023

    Have you recently come across the website TagAndChill[.]com and wondered whether it’s too good to be true? Do Netflix tagger jobs even exist? And if they do, how do people get them? Keep on reading for the answers to all these questions and more!

    Is Netflix tagger job on TagAndChill[.]com a scam?

    The Netflix tagger job website TagAndChill[.]com is 100% a scam. Unfortunately, it is not possible to land a job as a Netflix tagger using TagAndChill[.]com because the entire website is dedicated to one thing and one thing only: stealing people’s data.

    Scam Alert_TagAndChill Netflix scam_tagandchill.com_Netflix Tagger Job Scam_20221110
    TagAndChill Netflix scam

    The design of the scam website mimics that of the official Netflix website — this is done so people are more likely to believe that it is legitimate (which it is not). Additionally, by saying that “No resume or prior experience is needed” and “Limited spots available,” TagAndChill[.]com is trying to encourage everyone to apply and to do so quickly — common scammer tactics.

    If you were to click “Apply Now” on the TagAndChill Netflix scam website, you likely would be requested to submit lots of personal data such as your name, address, email address, and Social Security number — all data that is normal to give to employers, but very dangerous when in the hands of scammers. And by submitting your data on the site, the scammers would have access to it and could use it to commit any number of crimes/cybercrimes in your name or use the information to hack into your bank account/online accounts.

    Other Fake Netflix Tagger Job Websites (Updated on March 31, 2023)

    • flixtagger[.]com
    • netflixtagging[.]com
    Netflix Tagger Job Scam – flixtagger[.]com
    Netflix Tagger Job Scam – netflixtagging[.]com

    FastSideHustles[.]com — Another Scam Job Website

    Scam Alert_TagAndChill Netflix scam_FastSideHustles scam website_Netflix Tagger job scam_20221110
    FastSideHustles scam website

    The scam website FastSideHustles[.]com is another website that advertises Netflix tagger jobs, among other jobs like Amazon product tester and Roblox game tester. None of the job advertisements on FastSideHustles[.]com are real, and just like TagAndChill[.]com, they are all scams designed to steal people’s personal data. 

    Netflix Tagger Job Real… or Not?

    Real Netflix tagger jobs do exist, but perhaps due to how coveted they are, they’re not regularly advertised. However, when there are watch and tag Netflix job vacancies, the positions can be found on the jobs section of the Netflix website (jobs.netflix.com) – you can take a closer look at the web address to make sure the website’s legitimate! Bear in mind though, they are NOT the “no resume/experience required” positions that the scammers advertise!

    How to Detect Scam Sites

    The truth is, there are lots of scam websites on the internet, and they’re getting harder to tell apart from legitimate ones. People looking for the easiest and most reliable method of detecting and avoiding scam websites for free will want to check out Trend Micro Check.

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