Zoom Video Communications Settlement (EpiqPay): Scam or Legit?

    Zoom Video Communications Settlement Scam

    Recently, many people have been receiving emails from noreply@epiqpay.com about the “Zoom Video Communications” settlement, with the email stating that they can get a refund. Have you seen this email? Are you wondering if it was legitimate?  Don’t worry — it’s NOT a scam. Read on for more details!

    Zoom Video Communications Settlement — NOT a Scam

    In the past few weeks, netizens have been sharing screenshots of emails entitled “Zoom Video Communications Settlement – Notice of Upcoming Settlement Payment”. Understandably, folks are discussing whether it’s genuine:

    Zoom Video Communications Settlement
    The Zoom Video Communications Settlement notification. Source: Twitter
    is zoom settlement a scam
    Source: Zoom

    The email says you can start claiming your payment before September 28, 2023 using an upcoming link. The email then guides you to a website called zoommeetingsclassaction.com:

    zoommeetingsclassaction com

    But is this a scam? Here’s our verdict: Both the email and the settlement are legitimate!

    Officially known as “In re: Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Privacy Litigation”, the Zoom video communications settlement was a Class Action lawsuit against Zoom that alleged Zoom had failed to “prevent unwanted meeting disruptions by third parties.” Although Zoom denied the allegations, both sides reached a settlement in which Zoom agreed to pay $85 million to settle the Action.

    Can I get the Zoom Video Communications Settlement Payment?

    The settlement is exclusive to USA residents. You are eligible for a refund if you submitted a valid claim form by March 5, 2033. More details can be found at the settlement website.

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