Is Emmarelief[.]com a Scam? (Definitive Answer!)

    Is Emmarelief[.]com a Scam? (Definitive Answer!)

    If you’ve come across the website www.emmarelief[.]com and are wondering if it’s a scam or not, you’re in the right place! Read on for the full lowdown on the digestive supplement that seems to have the internet divided. 

    Is Emma Relief a scam? 

    Many people suffer from poor digestion, and a quick read of emmarelief[.]com would have a lot of them believing Emma will solve all their problems. Emma supplement (for gut health) claims to clear bloating, ease constipation, restore digestive regularity, eliminate heartburn and food intolerances, and much, much more. However, is it legit? 

    Is Emmarelief com a scam?
    emmarelief[.]com — scam or legit?

    EmmaRelief reviews

    We cannot comment on its medical effectiveness, but there is one big red flag that Emmarelief is not to be trusted: the abundance of negative reviews. 

    Emmarelief reviews
    Emmarelief reviews are poor on Trustpilot 

    The company currently has 46 reviews on Trustpilot, and an overwhelming 72% of them are of the 1-star variety. The chief complaints by unsatisfied customers are the supplement’s ineffectiveness, concern about how it turns one’s urine bright yellow, payment issues (being charged twice, for example), poor customer service making it difficult to get a refund, and long shipment delays. 

    Although there are several positive reviews of Emma supplement on TikTok, it seems that many are paid promotions.  

    A positive Emma Relief TikTok review
    A positive Emma Relief TikTok review

    The reviewer in the screenshot above, at the start of the video, states that she was sent the Emma digestive supplement pills, and in the comments section clarifies that she collaborated with the company to make the video. 

    Not trusted by ScamAdviser 

    Well-known scam detection website ScamAdviser gives emmarelief[.]com only 1 out of 100 points on its trust score rating system, with the reasons being the following: 

    emmarelief[.]com is not trusted by ScamAdviser
    emmarelief[.]com is not trusted by ScamAdviser

    Between the abundance of negative reviews and ScamAdviser’s damning appraisal of the site, it is advisable to steer clear of emmarelief[.]com. 

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