[Scam Alert] Amazon Shipment Email Scam

Amazon Scam Alert

Did you receive email from Amazon about some goods you’ve never ordered? Be careful; it’s a scam!

The latest version of Amazon scam email tells recipients that their package is on the way and there is a pending expense for “shipment fee.” Scammers falsely claim that the amount of money “will be deducted” automatically from victims’ bank accounts. They ask victims to dial a phone number they provide to cancel the shipment.

The number is not legitimate from Amazon. If you believe the email and dial the number, you are contacting scammers. They will ask you for sensitive information such as banking details or Amazon login credentials. Thus they can steal your money and take over your Amazon account along with bank account. Don’t fall for it!

The best choice is to contact Amazon customer service directly for help instead of clicking on any links attached or dial numbers provided!

This is what the Amazon scam email looks like:

Scam Alert_Amazon email_0524
Source: Reddit


amazon Hi , your package will arrive: Friday, May 21
Track package ON THE WAY 1 item Order #111
TO CANCEL CONTACT THE PHONE NUMBER (in words for better reading ) SHIPMENT TOTAL $826.97

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