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[Scam Alert] Amazon Prime Email Scam

May 21, 2021

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Or are you expecting Amazon Prime Day events? Scammers know what you want, and they take advantage of Amazon Prime and make it a tactic to exploit you- to steal your money or even your identity.

Scammers pose as Amazon and send emails that claim you’ve placed an order. They attach fake order ID and a set of phone numbers that is irrelevant to Amazon. What scammers want is that you dial the number they provide and then commit further scams- for example, ask you to provide login credentials or to wire money.

Here is a case of Amazon Prime scam:

Scam Alert_Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime Email Scam


Thank you Hi This is a confirmation email for the item(s) that you placed with us. Your item(s) are ready to be shipped Estimated delivery date is mentioned below ID HAZD03-88557105 placed on April 01 2021 Thank you for shopping with amazon – 2 1 2 – 0 0 2 21

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