Is Ackbitshop[.]com a Scam?

    Is Ackbitshop[.]com a Scam?

    Watch Out for Ackbitshop Scam!

    Ackbit purports to be an online shop that sells a variety of outdoors and combat goods, such as boots, bulletproof vests, helmets, watches, and gloves. Unfortunately, all ackbitshop[.]com offers is an empty promise and the threat of monetary and/or identity theft. So Ackbitshop is definitely a SCAM

    To begin with, the parent company of this online store, “SAYHI INTERNATIONAL CO”, is also behind several scam and/or suspicious websites, such as Hosarcuv, Anlyoanarn, Cjbwerv, and Uselarge. This is our first major red flag. 

    Ackbitshop com scam website
    Ackbit website

    Furthermore, our friends over at ScamAdviser have awarded Ackbit a shockingly low score of 1/100. That verdict is not surprising when we consider the following facts: 

    • The website is very young – last year. 
    • Much of the content is duplicated, including product pictures and policy statements. 
    • There are suspiciously high discounts. 
    • There is no contact phone number – just email. 
    • There are no reviews. 
    • There is no social media presence. 
    • The website’s owner is hiding their identity on WHOIS. 

    In summary, there are many red flags with Ackbit, ones that we are used to observing when it comes to similar scam retail websites. Best advice: do your homework and shop elsewhere.  

    Shop Safe with Trend Micro Check 

    • Always double-check reviews of shopping websites
    • Pay attention to the company’s age, and be suspicious of great-sounding discounts. 
    • Strange payment methods (such as only PayPal) are a red flag. 
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