Patever Warehouse Scam (or Not?)

    Patever Warehouse Scam (or Not?)

    Have you recently been doing some online shopping and come across the site patever[.]store and wondered whether it’s trustworthy or not? Well, your instincts were correct: the Patever Warehouse site is 100% a scam. Read on to learn about the site’s red flags and how you can easily spot scam sites. 

    Is Patever Warehouse a scam? 

    The answer is a resounding yes. Patever Warehouse (patever[.]store) is a confirmed scam website and you should not spend a cent on it or give it any of your personal data. 

    Patever Warehouse scam site
    Patever Warehouse scam site

    There are a few red flags that give away the fact that Patever Warehouse isn’t to be trusted. Perhaps the most significant one is its ScamAdviser Trustscore: a shocking 1 out of 100! However, additional red flags include: 

    • A complete lack of product reviews. 
    • No social media presence. 
    • A Gmail contact email address. 
    • An unfinished/unpolished design (the useless arrows in the image below, for example). 
    • The unusual/rambling About Us page. 
    About Us page of Patever Warehouse
    Approximately half of the About Us page

    Furthermore, the fact that patever[.]store uses the same design and layout as outdoorbest[.]store (another known scam shopping site that we busted less than two weeks ago) is damning evidence that it’s most definitely a shady site. 

    outdoorbest[.]store — look familiar?

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