Is CCT Cart a Scam Site?

    Is CCT Cart a Scam Site?

    Have you recently been doing some online shopping and come across the site CCTCart[.]com and wondered whether it’s trustworthy or not? Well, your instincts were correct: it’s 100% a scam. Read on to learn about the site’s red flags and how you can easily spot scam sites.

    Is CCT Cart scam or legit?

    CCT Cart is a confirmed scam website and you should not spend a cent on it or give it any of your personal data.

    CCT Cart scam
    CCTCart[.]com scam

    CCT Cart reviews & red flags

    There are a few red flags that give away the fact that CCT Cart isn’t to be trusted, including:

    CCT Cart reviews & red flags
    • Heavily outdated sales promotions.
    CCT Cart reviews & red flags
    • Typos and strange wordings.
    CCT Cart reviews & red flags
    • A very recent site registration date (despite the fact the site claims to have been used by over 800,000 people — a lie, of course).
    CCT Cart reviews & red flags

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