Top Netflix Scams 2023

    Top Netflix Scams 2023
    Last Updated on May 26, 2023

    If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that we post a lot about Netflix scams. For good reason, too — it’s easily one of the companies scammers impersonate most. And it appears 2023 isn’t shaping up to be any different because the scammers have already been spreading their new Netflix scams hoping to trick people out of their personal and/or financial data. Keep on reading to learn about some of the Netflix scams you need to watch out for this year.

    Netflix Email Scams 2023

    Scammers will often send out emails designed to appear as though they were sent by Netflix — normally with the goal of getting you to click on a malicious link. Below are two examples of Netflix scam emails.

    Top Netflix Scams 2023_Suspended Membership Scam_Email_20230118
    Netflix scam email – Suspended membership scam
    Top Netflix Scams 2023_Survey scam_Email_20230118
    Netflix scam email – Survey scam

    In the first example, the scammers are hoping to trick would-be victims into thinking that there has been a problem with the payment of their Netflix membership and that it’s been canceled. This is a common lie used in these types of scams because it will make some people put their guard down about parting with sensitive financial information.

    The scammers are trying to get people to click the red “Restart your membership” button. Once click on, this button will open a malicious, copycat version of the real Netflix website such as the one below. Any information entered onto it will be accessible to the scammers.

    Top Netflix Scams 2023_Fake Netflix website_Email_20230118
    Fake Netflix website

    The second example (the survey scam) is designed to try to trick people into thinking they can answer a short survey to win a prize ($90 in this case). The red button in this email leads to a fake Netflix survey page where people are asked a few questions before needing to input their personal and financial information to receive their “prize”.

    Netflix Text Scams 2023

    Such Netflix text scams often have the same end goal as the email scams above. Below are two examples of Netflix scam texts in 2023.

    • [ Netflix ] Your Netflix membership has been ended, because we’re having some trouble with your current account information. Validate your account information by click link bellow: [Malicious URL] Best Regards, The Netflix team
    • [ Notice ] We are having some trouble with your current billing information. Verify your account as soon as possible. Click the link below to update your billing information : [Malicious URL] Sincerely, Netflix team

    Both above examples contain malicious URLs, that when clicked on, open copycat, scammer-controlled versions of the Netflix website such as the one in the Netflix email scams section. Watch out!

    Netflix Job Scams 2023

    Advertisements for fake Netflix tagger jobs have been spreading online and on social media a lot recently. Perhaps the most popular of them all, TagAndChill[.]com, got a lot of people wondering whether it’s legit or not.

    Scam Alert_TagAndChill Netflix scam_tagandchill.com_Netflix Tagger Job Scam_20221110
    TagAndChill Netflix scam website

    The design of these fake Netflix tagger job scam websites, just like TagAndChill[.]com, often mimic that of the official Netflix website to try to trick people into thinking they’re legit (which they’re not).

    They will also often say things such as “No resume or prior experience is needed” and “Limited spots available” so people are encouraged to apply quickly.

    Sites like TagAndChill[.]com request people to enter lots of sensitive personal data — things such as their full name, address, and even Social Security number. With data like this, scammers can steal victims’ identities and commit any number of crimes in their name.

    To read more about TagAndChill[.]com and other Netflix tagger job scams (flixtagger[.]com & netflixtagging[.]com), click here.

    How to Detect Netflix Scams

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