What Is a CPN? (Credit Privacy Number)

    What Is a CPN? (Credit Privacy Number)

    If you’ve got a lot of questions about CPNs, whether they’re legal, how to get one, and what they even do, you’re in the right place! Keep on reading for the full low-down. 

    What is a CPN? 

    A credit privacy number or CPN (often called a credit protection number, credit profile number, or consumer protection number), is a nine-digit number sold by scammers under the pretense that it can replace your Social Security number.  
    CPNs are not government issued. In fact, they are often repurposed stolen/leaked Social Security numbers — potentially from children, prison inmates, or the deceased. Therefore, by using a CPN, you could be committing identity theft without even realizing it. 

    How does a credit privacy number work? 

    Scammers often advertise CPNs as a way for people with poor credit to start afresh. The thinking behind it is, if someone were to use a CPN on a credit application in place of their Social Security number, the credit lender wouldn’t be able to view their real credit history. However, the use of a CPN to try to hide one’s credit history, and therefore misrepresenting one’s identity, would be considered fraud.  

    Is a CPN legal? 

    CPNs are illegal. They are not issued by the federal government — they are simply stolen/leaked Social Security numbers. By using a CPN in place of your Social Security number, you would be committing fraud.  

    What Is a CPN?
    CPNs are illegal.

    Can a CPN number fix your credit? 

    This is how CPNs are most often advertised/sold: as a way for people with a poor credit rating to get a fresh start. Unfortunately, however, the use of a CPN is illegal, so by using one you wouldn’t be fixing your credit, you would simply be committing fraud.  

    How do CPN and credit repair scams work? 

    Scammers/cybercriminals sell CPNs on the internet/dark web and pitch them to prospective buyers as a way to repair/hide their poor credit history. However, with CPNs being nothing more than stolen/leaked Social Security numbers, they are simply a scam. Therefore, no matter how much someone tries to convince you that you should buy a CPN, don’t take the bait! 

    How to Protect Yourself Against ID Theft 

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