Netflix Refund Scam / ClaimRefund[.]info Scam 2022

    Netflix Refund Scam / ClaimRefund[.]info Scam 2022

    Received a suspicious text message that says you can claim some type of Netflix refund? You’re not alone — lots of people have been getting them and wondering whether they’re legitimate. The answer is no, they’re smishing (SMS phishing) scams, but keep on reading for the low-down.

    Is ClaimRefund[.]info Legit?

    ClaimRefund[.]info is a scam website and any text message that contains a link to it is 100% a scam, such as the ones below.

    Netflix Refund Scam ClaimRefund[.]info Scam_20221020
    Netflix refund scam text. Source
    Netflix Refund Scam ClaimRefund[.]info Scam_20221020_2
    ClaimRefund[.]info scam text. Source

    Netflix is not refunding people money via ClaimRefund[.]info. The scammers behind the messages are just using the allure of a refund to try to entice people into clicking on the link to the malicious website — where they may be tricked into entering their personal and/or financial information. Any information entered into the site will be accessible by the scammers.

    Netflix Refund Scam

    Fortunately, ClaimRefund[.]info is currently offline. But that doesn’t mean that Netflix refund scams are no longer a threat. Scammers may bring the site back online or link to another scam website altogether, so watch out!

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