Geek Squad Scam Email 2023

    Geek Squad Email Scam 2022
    Last Updated on April 7, 2023

    Have you recently received a suspicious email that appears to have come from Geek Squad? Does it say that you’ve placed an order for a one-year subscription for Geek Squad or that your annual membership has been renewed? Whatever it says, there’s a very high chance that it’s a scam! Read on to learn more!

    Geek Squad Scam Email 2023

    For the last several weeks we’ve been noticing a massive increase in the number of Geek Squad scam emails circulating. What’s happening is that scammers are impersonating Geek Squad and sending out all kinds of bogus emails, hoping to trick people into parting with money and personal information.

    The vast majority of them claim that the victim has renewed their annual Geek Squad subscription — for hundreds of dollars. Below are some examples.

    Geek squad scam email_Geek Total Protection_20220902
    Geek Squad scam email – Renewed subscription scam. Source
    Geek Squad Scam_Order delivered_20220902
    Geek Squad subscription purchase scam. Source
    Geek Squad Scam_Best Buy_Total Tech Support_Auto-Renewal_20220902
    Geek Squad scam email – Another renewed subscription scam. Source

    How Geek Squad Email Scams Work

    As you can see, the designs and layouts of all these Geek Squad email scams are completely different, and there are lots and lots of others too — far too many to include in this post.

    The scammers’ instructions also differ greatly. Some ask the victims to phone a bogus number (presumably with a scammer waiting on the other end of the line), some ask them to visit a malicious link that will prompt them for personal and financial information, and some ask them to reply to the original email.

    Regardless, whatever the scammers ask you to do, don’t do it! They only have bad intentions in mind. If they manage to get a hold of your personal information, they can use it to commit various cybercrimes, including identity theft. If they trick you into sharing your financial information, they can use it to access your bank account and steal your money.

    Naturally, with there being so many variations of this scam floating around, if you receive one of them, it may not be immediately obvious that it’s a scam. However, with that said, below are some excellent tips for identifying scams such as these and for protecting yourself.

    How to Protect Yourself from Scam Emails

    • Be highly suspicious of unsolicited messages, especially ones that claim you’ve sent payment or placed an order that you don’t recognize.
    • Typos and strange wordings are dead giveaways of scams.
    • Beware of suspicious email addresses — especially ones sent from email providers such as Gmail or Outlook.
    • Free gifts and prizes are always a major red flag.
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