Bank Mobile Alert & “you just sent a payment” Scams

    Bank Mobile Alert & “you just sent a payment” Scams

    Banking payment scams are a scammer’s best friend and your worst enemy. This week we’ve identified two similar but separate cases — read on to get the low-down.

    Bank Mobile Alert Scam

    Users have reported SMS text messages as seen below. The would-be victim is helpfully alerted to an issue, with their card now being temporarily blocked. To enable it, you are asked to call the telephone number provided. Needless to say, don’t do it: it’s a direct line to the scammers — and could be the most expensive call you’ll ever make. (See below for a list of the SMS transcripts.)

    Scam Alert_bank mobile alert_20220716
    Source: OTA

    SMS Content List

    • (Call 8773666845 Now-129#) VISA-Card-temporarily-locked-ID:ejLlyLvWe0
    • (Call 8666805663 Now-243#) VISA-Card-temporarily-locked-ID:Co0rsCJ
    • (Call 8666805663 Now-493#) VISA-Card-temporarily-locked-ID:qZSRJ6Ozc
    • (Call 8666805663 Now-682#) VISA-Card-temporarily-locked-ID:8mY33t4G9Sbav
    • (Call 8666805663 Now-864#) VISA-Card-temporarily-locked-ID:zeELTdd9O8
    • (Call 8666805663 Now-129#) VISA-Card-temporarily-locked-ID:oTlTknqGJk
    • (Call 8666805663 Now-453#) VISA-Card-temporarily-locked-ID:FHIZIo
    • (Call 8773666845 Now-996#) VISA-Card-temporarily-locked-ID:iOZazHGky
    • (Call 8666805663 Now-129#) VISA-Card-temporarily-locked-ID:oTlTknqGJk

    “you just sent a payment” Scam

    Scam Alert_You just sent a payment_20220716
    Scam Alert_You just sent a payment_20220716_2

    Source: Reddit

    Not to be outdone, other scammers have been sending out their own phishing SMS text messages — although they’re not terribly original. It’s the classic fake alert in which the would-be victim has supposedly sent a payment to someone, and must now follow the phishing link in order to dispute the transaction. The only problem is that once you fall for it and provide your credentials, you’ll lose much more than the original (and fake) amount.

    Scam Alert_You just sent a payment_20220716_3
    Source: Reddit

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