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Venmo email scam

[Scam Alert] Fake Venmo Payment Notification Email

Venmo email scam
June 24, 2021

Do you use Venmo? Did you receive emails from Venmo that instruct you to send packages? Watch out for the latest Venmo email scam!

Posing as Venmo, scammers send you an email, falsely claiming that your Venmo account just received an amount of money. Then they instruct you to send out a package immediately to get the payment. Sounds confusing, right?

That’s the goal. Scammers then say that you can contact the customer service via the email addresses they provide. But, if you take a closer look, you will realize that these email addresses are not legitimate. Genuine Venmo support contact should be, according to Venmo official website.

Venmo email scam. Source: Twitter
Venmo email scam. Source: Twitter


venmo Dear We hereby inform you that the sum of $900.00 USD has been paid to your Venmo account by (@Anthony) using PayPal method. In our efforts to protect all merchant transactions, We have now received payments for your item from our secure server. This is to ensure that the seller and buyer do their responsibility in every transaction we handle,this Venmo User Protection Policy methods have been taken due to fraudulent sellers. You are now required to ship out the (Package) via next day delivery and forward the shipment reference number and receipt to us for verification. Your account will be credited immediately after the shipment number has been confirmed. If you have any issues, please email us at or § and our customer service will attend to you. Help us to serve you better. Thank you for using Venmo! The Venmo Team

If you think there are issues over your Venmo account, please reach out to the legitimate Venmo customer service for help. You can also check suspicious links with Trend Micro Check to protect yourself.

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