ErawanBikes[.]com PayPal Scam — What Can You Do?

    ErawanBikes[.]com PayPal Scam — What Can You Do?

    Did you receive an email with a link to erawanbikes[.]com that seems to be from PayPal? Watch out — it’s a SCAM!

    #1 Fake emails from service@xxxx-paypal[.]com

    Recently, many people have complained about receiving emails and text messages from PayPal that contain suspicious links, including ones from Erawan Bikes. Well, if you were suspicious about the legitimacy of these messages, you were right to be — they are a SCAM!

    In these messages, scammers falsely claim that your PayPal account has been “limited” due to some “suspicious activity”:

    Erawan Bikes PayPal_Text_20220510
    Source: Scamadviser / Reddit

    Or, they send a fake transaction notification to you:

    ErawanBikes_PayPal Scams_20220510_Email
    Source: Reddit

    If you take a close look at the email addresses, you will see that they are all highly suspicious (and FAKE). PayPal’s legitimate email domain is

    Below are some fake email addresses observed:

    • service@cs[.]paypal[.]com
    • service@required[.]paypal[.]com
    • service@intl-paypal[.]com
    • service@325-9640[.]paypal[.]com

    #2 Fake PayPal log-in page

    If you take the bait in one of the messages and click the embedded link, you’ll be taken to a fake PayPal log-in page. If you submit your PayPal information here, scammers can record all your credentials, gain access to your PayPal account, and steal all your money!

    Erawanbike_PayPal_Fake Site_20220510
    Source: Scamadviser

    How to Protect Yourself

    • Reach out directly to PayPal support for help if you think there are issues with your account.
    • Verify that links are safe before clicking on them. Does the URL look suspicious?
    • Change your password immediately if you’ve already submitted login credentials.
    • Use Trend Micro Check to detect scams with ease: Trend Micro Check is a browser extension and mobile app for detecting scams, phishing attacks, malware, and dangerous links — and it’s FREE!

    After you’ve pinned Trend Micro Check, it will block dangerous sites automatically! It’s available on Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.


    You can also download the Trend Micro Check mobile app for 24/7 automatic scam and spam detection and filtering. (Available for Android and iOS).


    Check out this page for more information on Trend Micro Check.

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