Beware of the Latest Parcel Tracking Scam:

    Beware of the Latest Parcel Tracking Scam:

    Received a message that says you have a package waiting for shipment? Don’t click on the attached link. It’s a SCAM!

    “” Scam

    Recently, many people have received such messages containing an unknown link “” The messages instruct them to click on the link to check delivery status, pay outstanding taxes / delivery fee, or to finish any other tasks to get the “package.”

    Scam Alert_Itemisintracking_20220331
    Source: Reddit

    The link, unsurprisingly, is a phishing link. It will take you to a fake USPS page that collects your personal information or prompts you to make payments via credit card. With these credentials, scammers can commit further cybercrime such as identity theft.

    According to our investigation, the link is no longer accessible. But we believe that there are other web addresses used in such schemes, for example:


    To check out more scam tactics as well as tips to avoid package scams, click here.

    How to Protect Yourself

    • Double-check the sender’s mobile number/email address.
    • Reach out to the official website or customer support of the delivery company directly for help if you think there are issues with your package.
    • NEVER click links or attachments from unknown sources. Use Trend Micro Check to detect scams with ease!
    Trend Micro Check_Safari

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