United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Airbnb, Apple, and Walmart: Top Scams of the Week

    United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Airbnb, Apple, and Walmart: Top Scams of the Week

    This week, we’ve found lots of phishing scams in which scammers are impersonating trusted brands, including United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Airbnb, Apple, and Walmart. Would you have been able to spot all these scams?    

    What is Phishing? 

    Posing as trusted brands or organizations, scammers spread phishing links via text messages or emails and make up various excuses to try to trick you into clicking. These links will take you to phishing pages designed to steal your personally identifiable information (PII) for example, your email address, credit card number, Social Security number, and more.  

    What can scammers do with your PII? They can commit any number of cybercrimes. For example, they could hack into your account or commit identity theft.  

    Most often, scammers try to lure you with rewards like free gifts or cash and prompt you to claim it via the attached links that lead to fake online forms/phishing pages where you could end up exposing your PII. 

    Throughout the summer, travel-related phishing scams have continued to be popular among scammers. Below are some examples: 

    United Airline​s: MileagePlus Scam 

    Is United Airlines really giving you two round-trip tickets to wherever you want in the US? That’s too good to be true! Impersonating United Airlines, scammers are hoping to trick MileagePlus (United Airlines’ loyalty program) members that they can get free tickets by filling out an online survey using the link in the fake email: 

    Sample fake United Airlines email
    Sample fake United Airlines email

    Don’t click! The link will take you to a fake United Airlines page that asks for your PII, such as credit card details or login credentials. Scammers can gain access to the data and use it for their own good. Don’t let them! 

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    Delta Air Line​s Phishing Email 

    Have you had experience with a Delta Air Lines scam? We noticed that scammers have been sending phishing emails that say Delta Air Lines wants to offer you $500 in travel credit, and that you can redeem it via a link. 

    Sample fake Delta Air Lines email
    Sample fake Delta Air Lines email

    Again, the link is a phishing link, and it will lead to a bogus Delta Air Lines page. Don’t fall for it! 

    Fake Airbnb Websites

    Aside from airline companies, scammers also often pose as hotel booking websites to exploit people, and it could be very tricky to tell them apart from legitimate ones by their appearance. (Hint: check the URL!) 

    We’ve been tracking copycat hotel booking websites, and there are thousands of new fake URLs emerging every week — last week alone there were 2,576 in the United States: 

    Sample fake Airbnb website (1/2)
    Sample fake Airbnb website (1/2)
    Sample fake Airbnb website (2/2)
    Sample fake Airbnb website (2/2)

    Sample URLs of fake Airbnb websites:  

    • airbnb[.]ld62374[.]ru 
    • longterm-air[.]bnb-rentapp[.]network 
    • airbnbru[.]leapmepay[.]co 

    (Note: The genuine web address is Airbnb.com) 
    Once again, any PII entered onto these fake websites will end up in scammers’ hands. Be careful! 

    Walmart Survey Scam 

    Is it true that Walmart is giving you a free TV? No way! We’ve found such fake Walmart text messages that contain phishing links. Have you seen any?  

    Connie, pick up your Samsung QLED TV. Please check the link for further information: <URL> 

    Yes, you know what will happen if you click: you’ll be taken to a fake Walmart page that guides you to complete the raffle campaign step by step.  

    Sample Walmart phishing page (1/2)
    Sample Walmart phishing page (1/2)

    If you proceed, you will be taken to a survey form and eventually tricked into revealing your credit card information and other PII that is allegedly needed for the delivery of the TV (and you won’t receive anything, unfortunately). Don’t let that happen! 

    Sample Walmart phishing page (2/2)
    Sample Walmart phishing page (2/2)

    Fake Apple Wallet Security Alerts 

    Would you panic if you received a text saying there’s a problem with your Apple Wallet? Well, take it easy — it’s likely a scam: 

    Apple Pay Wallet has been blocked on this device for unusual activites 03/08/23. Use the following link to login, review and update security settings <URL> 

    Scammers want to convince you that you need to update your security settings to secure your Apple Wallet, and not surprisingly, the link included in the message is a phishing link. It leads to a fake Apple ID login page. If you were to submit your credentials on the fake page, scammers would be able to access them, then take control of your Apple ID and block you from accessing it. Be careful! 

    Sample fake Apple login page
    Sample fake Apple login page

    Tips to Stay Safe Online    

    • Double-check the sender’s mobile number and email address. Even if it seems legitimate, think twice before you take any action.          
    • Only use official websites and apps. Never click on dubious links!  
    • If you’ve accidentally revealed your PII somewhere, change your passwords immediately and inform your bank and/or other companies that scammers may contact them pretending to be you. 
    • Check if any of your PII has been leaked and secure your social media accounts using Trend Micro ID Protection.   
    • Finally, add an extra layer of protection to your devices with Trend Micro Maximum Security. Its Web Threat Protection, Ransomware Protection, Anti-phishing, and Anti-spam Protection will help you combat scams and cyberattacks.  

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