Watch Out for These Delta Air Lines Scams!

    Watch Out for These Delta Air Lines Scams!

    If you’re planning on jetting off somewhere nice for the summer, be sure to watch out for these Delta Air Lines scams that have been spreading like crazy across social media. With many of them gathering lots of shares, comments, and likes, they can seem quite legitimate, so keep on reading to learn how to spot them. 

    Delta Air Lines $1000 Credit Scam 

    Scammers have been posting on social media claiming that women 40+ can win $1000 credit for Delta Air Lines by answering just four questions. Here’s what the scam posts look like: 

    Delta Air Lines $1000 Credit Scam (1)
    Delta $1000 credit scam (1/2)
    Delta Air Lines $1000 Credit Scam (2)
    Delta $1000 credit scam (2/2)

    What is particularly cunning about these scams is the sheer number of fake reactions, comments, and shares they’ve garnered — which could easily sway someone into believing these bogus posts are real. 

    Fake comments (1)
    Fake comments (1/2) 
    Fake comments (2)
    Fake comments (2/2) 

    Because the comments sections are full of people saying how they were able to earn the $1000 in credit (with some even posting photos of their gift cards), it’s not hard to see how someone could fall victim to this scam. 

    Of course, nobody truly earned any money or credit through these posts. The comments, just like the posts themselves, are all bogus. The scammers are hoping the fake positivity in the comments sections encourages people to click the “Apply now” button at the bottom of the posts, because after doing so they will be redirected to a fake survey page designed to capture their personal information.  
    After answering the four simple questions, victims need to enter their personal information, such as their name, address, and phone number. As soon as that information is entered into the fake survey page, it’s in the hands of the scammers, who can use it to send the victims targeted phishing scams or sell/leak it onto underground hacker forums and/or the dark web.  

    Delta Air Lines Anniversary Scam 

    Another Delta Air Lines scam that’s been making the rounds on social media has been deceiving people into believing that the airline is running a competition to win $8000 in celebration of its 95th anniversary. Here’s what the scam looks like: 

    Delta Air Lines Anniversary Scam (1)
    Delta Air Lines 95th-anniversary scam (1/2)

    This scam works the same as the $1000 credit scam above and has the same end goal (to steal people’s personal info), but victims are also required to share a link to the bogus survey with their friends and family. And as the Reddit post below shows, people have unfortunately been duped into doing exactly that. 

    Delta Air Lines Anniversary Scam (2)
    Delta Air Lines 95th-anniversary scam (2/2)

    Delta Air Lines Sweepstake[.]com Scam 

    This scam works similarly to the two above, but it is part of a larger scam website that you need to be aware of called Sweepstake[.]com. 

    Sweepstake[.]com Scam (1)
    Sweepstake[.]com Scam (2)
    Sweepstake[.]com Delta Air Lines scam

    Sweepstake[.]com claims to be “America’s #1 Trusted Sweepstakes Portal”, but it’s actually a 100% confirmed scam site. The site is filled with lots of survey scams designed to harvest people’s personal data. Be sure to steer clear! 

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