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    Copycat Bed Bath & Beyond Scam Sites

    Earlier this year, Bed Bath & Beyond filed for bankruptcy and announced that it would close down all of its 360 stores. Since the announcement, the company has been running a store-closing sale, with discounts ranging from 50 to 70%. These sales are only available in store, not online. In fact, the current Bed Bath & Beyond website doesn’t have any product listings at all. The website simply states that it “will return soon!” and promotes its ongoing sale. 

    Legit Bed Bath & Beyond website
    Legit Bed Bath & Beyond website – Bed Bath & Beyond Sale

    Unfortunately, however, scammers have recently been misusing Bed Bath & Beyond’s name and branding to try to trick people into making purchases on scammer-controlled, fake versions of Bed Bath & Beyond’s legitimate website. Fake website scams such as this are not uncommon, and this recent Bed Bath & Beyond situation is a good example of how they work. Read on to learn how to better identify these types of scams and avoid being a victim. 

    Fake Bed Bath & Beyond websites (We’ll Keep Updating)

    We’ve recently detected several scam websites impersonating Bed Bath & Beyond. These Bed Bath closing scam websites are the following: 

    • cyirafa[.]shop
    • sofaclearance[.]shop
    • olkbmon[.]shop
    • yusicoun[.]shop
    • wallisr[.]shop
    • prudencei[.]shop
    • clissal[.]shop
    • peneloper[.]shop
    • furniturehomes[.]shop
    • furniture-shop[.]store 
    • furnituresale[.]shop
    • bpoeqe[.]shop 
    • ryeatitle[.]com
    • closingstore[.]shop
    • bedbathclose[.]com
    • bedbathclosing[.]com
    • bedbathsales[.]com
    • aptatall[.]com
    • caprchain[.]com
    • bedbath-discount[.]com

    cyirafa shop scam

    Fake Bed Bath & Beyond websites

    sofaclearance shop scam

    sofaclearance shop scam
    sofaclearance[.]shop scam

    olkbmon shop scam / yusicoun shop scam

    Fake Bed Bath & Beyond websites
    olkbmon[.]shop / yusicoun[.]shop

    wallisr shop scam / prudencei shop scam

    Fake Bed Bath & Beyond websites
    wallisr[.]shop / prudencei[.]shop

    clissal shop scam


    peneloper shop scam


    bedbathclosing com scam


    bedbathsales com scam


    caprchain com scam


    Although the websites feature the Bed Bath & Beyond logo, none of them are in any way affiliated with the company— the scammers are just hoping people will be tricked into thinking they’re legitimate websites, be interested in the enticing discounts, and feel comfortable entering their personal and financial info onto them.  

    Naturally, due to the websites being operated by scammers, it is overwhelmingly likely that any purchases made on them will not be honored. The scammers are simply using the websites as a way of stealing people’s money and collecting their personal and financial info, which they probably intend to sell to cybercriminals/hackers on the dark web and/or use to commit further crimes themselves. 

    Bed Bath & Beyond Scams promoted on Facebook 

    We’ve noticed that the scammers have been getting the word out about their fake websites via Facebook. They’ve been making bogus accounts impersonating Bed Bath & Beyond and using them to advertise their scam websites. Below are two examples.

    Bogus Facebook post
    Bogus Facebook post (1/2)
    Bogus Facebook post
    Bogus Facebook post (2/2)

    How to Avoid Scams for FREE     

    The truth is, there are lots of scams and scam sites on the internet and they’re getting even more difficult to detect with common sense alone. Lots of people will Google the name of a suspected scam site when looking to figure out if it can be trusted or not (“olkbmon scam”, for example). However, for an easy and reliable method of detecting and avoiding scam sites, check out our free browser extension (Trend Micro ID Protection) and free mobile app (Trend Micro Check). 

    Both ID Protection and Trend Micro Check can protect you against scams, phishing links, dangerous websites, and lots more! If you come across something dangerous online, you’ll be alerted in real time so you’ll know to stay well clear.      

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