AI-Generated Fake News & How to Spot Bogus Sites

    AI Fake News & How to Spot Bogus Sites

    NewsGuard recently discovered 49 news websites that are almost entirely generated by AI. These sites (often referred to as newsbots) areleveraging AI to create news articles — although due to the nature of AI, the accuracy of such “news websites” cannot be trusted. The sites found were in seven languages and either entirely or largely AI generated.

    These sites are designed to generate ad revenue for the site owners, and because AI can create content so quickly, the sites can be populated with lots of AI-generated articles in a short amount of time, each containing lots of ads.

    The dangers of newsbots

    • Misinformation: Scammers can purposefully flood newsbots with fake news, encouraging the spread of misinformation.
    • A lack of fact-checking: Newsbots prioritize quantity over quality, so the accuracy of their content isn’t checked before uploading.
    • Difficult to find the truth: The potential overabundance of AI-generated news websites may drown out legitimate news sources.
    • Language and cultural issues: Newsbots that offer support for multiple languages may have translation issues, possibly leading to further misinformation or cultural insensitivity.

    To ensure that the information you read online is accurate, only use legitimate news sources.

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    How to check if a website is legitimate

    • Contact information: Look for a physical address, phone number, and email address on the website. If contact information is absent, be cautious.
    • Reputation: Search online to see what others say about the website and use ScamAdviser to check if it’s legit.
    • Professional design: Trustworthy websites most often have a polished, professional design. Look for a well-structured layout, consistent branding, and high-quality images.
    • Privacy policy: Legitimate websites typically have a privacy policy that outlines how they handle user data, so check for one and give it a quick read.

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