How to Allow Third-Party Cookies on Safari (Mac, iPhone and iPad) 

    How to Allow Third-Party Cookies on Safari (Mac, iPhone and iPad)

    Third-party cookies are created by websites other than the one you are currently visiting. Also known as third-party trackers, they collect various pieces of data about you — primarily for the purpose of targeted advertising. Cookies are a fundamental building block of web browsing, and are present on all mainstream browsers, including Safari. 

    Third-Party vs. First-Party Cookies 

    First-party cookies are different in that they originate from the website you are on. They are used to improve user experience and site optimization by remembering user preferences — such as log-in details and language settings.

    Third-party cookies instead gather data on your behavior, such as interests, locations, and clicks. Once this data has been collected and analyzed, companies will send targeted ads based on the information they have on you.  

    Should I Allow Third-Party Cookies? 

    While many netizens are increasingly uncomfortable with being tracked, and prefer to avoid the perceived intrusion into their private lives, a roughly equal amount do not care about third-party cookies — and even welcome the fact that advertisements can be relevant and useful, rather than random. If you’re in the second category, read on for a quick how-to on allowing third-party cookies on Safari.  

    How to Allow Third-Party Cookies on Safari  


    • Go to Safari > Settings
    • Navigate to the Privacy tab. 
    Allow Third-Party Cookies on Safari (Mac)
    Source: Apple
    • Deselect “Block all cookies”

    iPhone and iPad (iOS 11) 

    • Go to your device’s Settings
    • Select Safari
    • Navigate to Privacy & Security
    Allow Third-Party Cookies on Safari (iOS 11)
    Source: Apple
    • Turn off “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” and “Block All Cookies”

    iPhone and iPad (iOS 10) 

    • Go to your device’s Settings
    • Select Safari
    • Navigate to Privacy & Security
    • Select “Block Cookies”
    Allow Third-Party Cookies on Safari (iOS 10)
    Source: Apple
    • Select “Always Allow” or “Allow from Websites I Visit”.  

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