Vtubing: Synthetic Media Takes Over the Internet

    Vtubing: Synthetic Media Takes Over the Internet

    An innovative way to step up one’s YouTube game has taken over the internet in the past year. As the number of YouTube influencers continues to grow, there has also been a rise in the Vtube community, who see the former as an avenue with which to show their different personalities, to be confident without having to show their faces online, and to offer fresh, “different” content to audiences.    

    What Is Vtube? 

    Creating, and acting as, virtual characters through live streams and videos is a practice known as VTubing. The performer provides the voice and motion capture for the animated character or avatar that the VTuber uses. VTubers frequently connect with their fans on a multitude of sites, such as YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms, over a shared interest in games, music, comedies, and other media. 

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    Vtubers: Who They Are and What They Do 

    Vtubers are content creators or entertainers who keep their identity hidden behind an established fictional character. They often present themselves as computer-generated 2D or 3D characters. Many of them play instruments, sing, and play games at a higher level on their videos, which win them large amounts of fan support and an increase in their online views. By embodying a fictional narrative, Vtubers benefit from keeping their real identity anonymous while still establishing a strong bond with fans.   

    The Dangers of Being a Vtuber 

    As private as this may sound, Vtubers are also at risk online, taking into consideration the number of people in public chat rooms reading every post and watching every broadcast. Because avatars and voice changers are widely available on the internet, being in the spotlight also makes you vulnerable to being copied. While one piece of information rarely poses a problem on its own — when combined, it can. 

    Tips for Protecting Your Privacy 

    Here are some security tips for keeping your identity a secret. If you are a Vtuber or planning to be a Vtuber: 

    1. Never disclose personal information. 
    2. Open a new account dedicated to your Vtube. 
    3. Have your own patent. 
    4. Update account passwords regularly. 
    5. Enable Two-Factor Authentication. 
    6. Set up your browser protection correctly. 
    7. Be careful of what software you run. 
    8. Have trusted Antivirus software on your computer. 

    How Trend Micro Can Help 

    Trend Micro’s VPN Proxy One Pro will help you protect your online privacy and security by encrypting your internet traffic and hiding your IP address. It offers numerous features, such as the ability to safeguard up to five devices, access to more than ten nations, limitless bandwidth, and an ad blocker. The service is specially built to offer the best private and anonymous connection to the internet, assisting you in maintaining your privacy and safety online. Learn more here. 

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