What Is cfprefsd and What Does It Do?

    What Is cfprefsd and What Does It Do?

    If you’re a Mac user, you may have seen something called “cfprefsd” in Activity Monitor and wondered what it is. Although it might have what looks to be a puzzling name, it is actually fairly simple, but also a quite important part of your Mac’s operating system. Keep on reading to learn exactly what it is and what it does.

    What is cfprefsd?

    cfprefsd is what’s called a background process. It is always running in the background on macOS, keeping track of your preferences in a file called “com.apple.cfprefsd.plist”, which is stored in the /Library/Preferences folder. The cfprefsd background process makes updates to the preferences file when needed, and it does so in real time.

    Why cfprefsd is important

    The cfprefsd background process is essential because it keeps your preferences consistent across all apps, which means you don’t have to worry about adjusting settings every time you open a new program. It also makes managing your Mac’s settings a breeze and contributes to a more stable and reliable user experience.

    It also helps make your computer run more smoothly and securely. By centralizing the management of your preferences, cfprefsd reduces the amount of work your computer has to do and helps keep sensitive information secure.

    What to do if cfprefsd is slowing down your Mac

    Because it doesn’t use too much of your Mac’s CPU resources, cfprefsd shouldn’t be slowing it down too much. If your Mac is running slow, you might need to free up some storage space.

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