Ooni Pizza Oven Amazon Scam

    Ooni Pizza Oven Amazon Scam

    Have you recently been shopping on Amazon and come across what seems to be a superb deal on an Ooni pizza oven, but at the same time also been a bit skeptical of its legitimacy? Trust us. You’re not alone! Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about this recent Ooni Amazon scam!

    Ooni Pizza Oven Amazon Scam Explained

    Many people online have recently noticed that popular Ooni pizza ovens have been offered on Amazon for much cheaper than their list prices — sometimes even 75%+ cheaper!

    Scam Alert_Ooni Pizza Oven Amazon Scam_Listing_20221117
    An Ooni Koda 16 for just $120?! Source

    Unfortunately, as is almost always the case when something seems too good to be true, these recent deals on Ooni pizza ovens on Amazon are not legit.

    A representative from Ooni recently commented on a Reddit post discussing the scam, stating that these recent listings on Amazon weren’t by authorized Ooni sellers.

    Scam Alert_Ooni Pizza Oven Amazon Scam_Clarification from Ooni_20221117
    Clarification from Ooni. Source

    Many people have reported that their orders of discounted Ooni pizza ovens were canceled, so it seems (unsurprisingly) like the scammers have no interest in fulfilling any orders.

    When shopping on Amazon, it’s best to always read product reviews — especially when buying from third-party sellers.

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