Scam Alert: Teslatrading[.]org

    Scam Alert: Teslatrading[.]org

    Teslatrading is supposedly a new cryptocurrency venture established by, and affiliated with, Elon Musk and his Tesla company. The website announces the absurd claim that investors can make 4,000 euros a month! The company apparently has an advanced AI that monitors crypto exchange rates with 99.9% accuracy. This means that you won’t need to do anything — how convenient!

    Crypto Scams_Teslatrading. org Fake Website_20220923
    Teslatrading homepage

    Unfortunately this is a scam — and a pretty obvious one at that. The website has nothing to do with Elon Musk or Tesla, with the scammers simply using them as a front. They are also employing the use of deepfake videos to make it appear as though Musk is endorsing the venture. Below is a screenshot of one such attempt — with the scammer himself excusing its poor quality!

    Crypto Scams_Teslatrading. org_YouTube Scam_20220923
    Source: ScamWatcher

    If you fall for this scam and invest, when it comes to withdrawing your money you will be asked to pay a tax fee. Following that, you’ll then be asked to pay another service fee. More excuses will follow, with your access continuing to be blocked. In short, you’ll never get your money back.

    On ScamAdviser, the website has a low “trust” score of 37/100. Meanwhile, other red flags include:

    • The website was only just registered in August 2022 in Hongkong.
    • There’s no privacy policy.
    • The terms of service text is copied from another website.

    To conclude, stay far away from Teslatrading. If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, stick with the big companies that have established reputations and plenty of user reviews.

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