An Easy Guide to Instagram Slang & Hashtags for Parents

    An Easy Guide to Instagram Slang & Hashtags for Parents

    Instagram is wildly popular among the younger generation, with 76% of American teens age 13 to 17 on the social network. Even 11% of children between the ages of 9 and 11 — well under 13, the minimum age required to create an account on their own — regularly use the platform.

    If you’re a parent of a child or teen, chances are you’re much, much less familiar with Instagram and its slang than they are. And to be perfectly honest, at times, some of the language used on the platform can seem downright cryptic. If terms such as “SMH”, “no cap”, and “turnt” mean nothing to you, you’re in the right place! Here’s a list of some of the most important Instagram slang terms and hashtags parents need to know.

    Instagram Slang

    A mood — A feeling, situation, or emotion that is relatable.

    AF — As f**k. Example: “I’m tired AF.”

    Bae — A term of endearment for one’s significant other or crush. An acronym for “before anyone else”.

    Basic —A derogatory term for someone considered boring, often because they follow mainstream trends.

    Bet — Said in agreement with something. Example: “You want to go to the movies tomorrow?” “Bet.”

    Bih — A shortened version of b*tch.

    CSL — Can’t stop laughing.

    DM — Direct message. To “slide into someone’s DMs” means to privately message someone you are attracted to.

    IMO — In my opinion.

    Kik me — A request to be added on Kik Messenger, an instant messaging mobile app.

    No cap — “Cap” is used as a synonym for “lie”, so saying “no cap” means you’re not lying. Alternatively, if it is said that somebody is “capping” it means they’re lying.

    SMH — Shaking my head. Used to convey disappointment, bemusement, or disbelief.

    TMW — That moment when. Used in response to a relatable moment or situation.

    Turnt — Under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Example: “We were all really turnt up at that party last night.”

    Instagram Hashtags

    #AMA — Ask me anything. Used when someone plans to answer any and all questions asked by others.

    #F4F — Follow for follow. Used as a way to tell people everyone who follows their account will receive a follow in return.

    #Fitspo — A combination of the words “fitness” and “inspiration”. Posts using this hashtag promote an active, healthy lifestyle.

    #Igers — Another way to say “Instagrammers” (people who use Instagram).

    #MCM — Man crush Monday. Used when posting pictures of attractive men.

    #MIRL — Me in real life. Used when a poster or commenter strongly relates to the content in a certain post.

    #NoFilter — Used on posts that don’t use any Instagram filters (filters designed to make photos appear more attractive).

    #OOTD — Outfit of the day.

    #Swag — Used when showcasing one’s stylishness or possessions.

    #TBT — Throwback Thursday. Instagram users will commonly post photos from the past on Thursdays using this hashtag.

    #TransformationTuesday — A common hashtag used by people sharing their healthy body transformations.

    #WCW —Women crush Wednesday. Used when posting pictures of attractive women.

    #YOLO — You only live once. Used similarly to carpe diem.

    Keeping the Little Ones Safe on Social Media

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