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    Trend Micro Family

    It’s no secret, keeping kids safe online is a challenge. The internet is full of hidden dangers, and they’re spending more time on it now than ever before. Throughout the pandemic, it’s been a lifesaver in ensuring children have still been able to receive a quality education, but it required them to spend even more time online – something they were doing too much already.

    In 2021, considering the fact that child safety experts across the globe have been stressing the importance of internet safety for kids for years, there aren’t too many quality digital parenting solutions for modern families available…

    Introducing Trend Micro Family

    Trend Micro Family is a complete digital parenting solution, giving you all the tools you need to keep your little ones safe while they surf the web and use their mobile devices. Trend Micro Family works with Android, iOS, Chromebook, Windows, and Mac. No matter which device (or devices) your child has, we’ve got you covered!

    Social media check

    Social media is everywhere. It’s becoming increasingly tough to find someone who isn’t on it, and even harder to ensure children are safe while using it. 

    Children unknowingly overshare a lot of information on social media — putting their security and privacy at risk. Using our revolutionary, industry-first technology, you can guarantee that there are no issues with your child’s social media security and privacy settings. Trend Micro Family can recommend the best settings for your child’s social media so you can be sure they’re set optimally, with privacy and security in mind — all with the click of a button.

    Starting today you can ensure your child’s Instagram account settings are configured optimally, with support for TikTok and Facebook coming soon!

    Filters inappropriate content in real time

    With the sheer amount of age-inappropriate content available online, it is essential that we protect our children from it.

    Trend Micro Family automatically filters inappropriate images and explicit social media posts. The app doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach, either – you can choose the strength of the filter to control the types of content your child can access. All filtering is done in real time using AI technology, ensuring that if they shouldn’t see it, they don’t see it.

    Trend Micro Family guarantees safe browsing, while still being non-invasive. Rather than restricting your child’s ability to access entire websites, the app will blur all inappropriate content on a site, while still allowing your child access to what’s appropriate for them. With this approach, your child won’t feel like their online activity is being heavily monitored and restricted, but they’ll still be safely shielded from everything you don’t want them to access.

    The one-stop digital wellness solution

    The Trend Micro Family for Parents app — available for both Android and iOS — allows you to keep a watchful eye over your child’s digital wellness.

    Nobody wants to feel like they’re snooping on their child, and with Trend Micro Family, you’re not. You’re not invading their privacy in any way; you’re simply gaining enough of an insight into their digital footprint to allow you to have healthy conversations about online safety and being a good digital citizen.

    • See when your child enters age-inappropriate search terms into their web browser and receive immediate notification if they do so. Adult websites are blocked automatically.
    • If your child views inappropriate images, see exactly which sites they were on.
    • Learn which videos and channels they search for and watch on YouTube.
    • Stop them from viewing age-restricted YouTube videos and channels.
    • See your child’s current location as well as locations previously visited.
    • Block ads and third-party trackers. Ensure your child gets an ad-free experience when using their device and their online activity isn’t able to be tracked by third parties.
    • Take advantage of the wealth of free resources specifically designed for parents raising children in the digital age – directly through the app.

    How to set up Trend Micro Family — Parents app & Kids app

    Before you can look after your child’s digital wellness, you’ll need to get things set up. You will need to install Trend Micro Family for Parents on your device and the supporting Trend Micro Family kids’ app on your child’s device. What’s extra important is you need to pair both apps so you can get the most accurate information in real time.

    Trend Micro Family for Parents

    Trend Micro Family for Parents is available for Android and iOS.

    Trend Micro Family for Kids

    The supporting Trend Micro Family kids’ app is available for AndroidiOS, and Google Chrome (works with Chromebook, Windows, and Mac).

    If you’re not sure how to download and install apps on either your or your child’s device, please see the guides below:

    Note: The instructions below show how to install both the Trend Micro Family for Parents app and the supporting kids’ app on Android, but the process will be similar for all platforms.

    Set-Up Instructions

    1. Install Trend Micro Family for Parents on your device. You can download the app by clicking here. Alternatively, you can get it from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

    2. Open the Parents app and click Accept and Continue.


    3. Click Add Your Child.

    Trend Micro Family

    4. Choose an avatar, type in your child’s name, and select Add.

    Trend Micro Family

    5. Select which type of device you want to install the Kids app on.

    Trend Micro Family

    6. Follow the in-app instructions to download and install the Kids app on your child’s device. Please take note of the Pairing Code, too. You’ll need it later in the setup process.

    Trend Micro Family

    7. Once you’ve got the Kids app installed, open it up and click Accept and Continue.

    Trend Micro Family

    8. Enter the Pairing Code from the Parents app.

    Trend Micro Family

    9. If you want to be able to view your child’s location, you’ll need to grant the Kids app access to the location data of your child’s device. If you would like to use this feature, click Set Up Now. Otherwise, click Skip in the top right-hand corner and move on to step 11.

    Trend Micro Family

    10. Click Allow.

    Trend Micro Family

    11. That’s it! Both apps are now paired! Couldn’t be any easier, right?

    Trend Micro Family

    Part of the bigger picture

    We launched Trend Micro Family as part of our Internet Safety for Kids & Families (ISKF) initiative. Since 2008, ISKF has been committed to solving modern families’ worries and addressing their needs regarding online risks across the board, including cyber threats, fake news, cyberbullying, digital citizenship, and more. ISKF helps kids, families, and schools throughout the world use technology safely, responsibly, and successfully.

    Trend Micro Family has been designed from the ground up to be an easy to use, family-friendly solution to the most pressing issues currently affecting children’s digital lives, such as the increase in the amount of time they’re spending online, the security and privacy of their social media accounts, and exactly what they should and shouldn’t be able to view on the internet.

    We share your worries about children’s digital wellbeing and hope that Trend Micro Family gives you the tools you need to alleviate those concerns.

    Want to read more about Trend Micro Family? Click here.

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