Android Malware MaliBot Can Steal Passwords and Crypto Wallets

    Android Malware MaliBot Can Steal Passwords and Crypto Wallets

    A new information-stealing Android malware, named MaliBot, has recently been discovered in the wild. It is known to target users of online banking and cryptocurrency wallets. Malibot can bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA), steal log-in credentials and cookies, and monitor device screen activities. It has been found to disguise itself as cryptomining apps such as Mining X, The Crypto App, and Chrome.

    How to Avoid Your Device Being Infected by MaliBot

    MaliBot is sent to victims’ phone via SMS phishing messages (smishing), or by attracting victims to fraudulent websites. Both methods encourage users to clink on a link which downloads the malware to their phone.

    Prevention beats cure. Avoid clicking suspicious links in text messages coming from unknown users. You should always be careful when downloading apps from 3rd party websites. Lastly, always check requested app permissions any time you install an app.

    Trend Micro’s Mobile Security Will Keep You Safe

    Another way to protect your device is to install a trusted security app. Trend Micro’s Mobile Security for Android offers comprehensive Web Threat Protection against malicious websites and links that you encounter.

    It also offers a Pre-Installation Scan feature that prevents malicious apps and malware on Google Play being installed in the first place. Remember to make sure that your phone system and applications are up to date to prevent such threats. Give Trend Micro Mobile Security a go by following the instructions here.

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