Can I Go Visit the Doll from Squid Game? Fact-Checking Three Rumors of the Week

    Can I Go Visit the Doll from Squid Game? Fact-Checking Three Rumors of the Week

    Is the Squid Game doll a real doll borrowed from a museum? Are NY hospitals stopping unvaccinated parents from taking their babies home? Will Walt Disney be unfrozen this December? Read on for the down-low on three rumors of the week.

    Is the Squid Game Doll a Real Doll Borrowed from a Museum? No it’s a rumor.

    Source: Reddit

    Squid Game, the South Korean series about a deadly competition, has stormed the world to become Netflix’s biggest ever hit. Fans in particular enjoyed the first round, in which the players had to make it through a deadly game of “Red Light, Green Light”.

    The rumor is that the giant robotic doll is a real, pre-existing feature at a South Korean horse carriage museum called Macha Land. The rumor states that the production company behind the series only borrowed the doll and have since returned it — and that it can be visited today.

    Unfortunately for fans of the series and the doll, this is not the case. The doll was in fact a brilliant prop made for the series. It was however, briefly exhibited at said museum — but has since been put into storage. . . Verdict: FALSE.

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    Are NY Hospitals Stopping Unvaccinated Parents from Taking Their Babies Home? No, they don’t.

    Source: Twitter

    Not content with causing widespread tragedy and destruction, the Covid-19 virus has also seen fit to spawn seemingly endless fake news stories and rumors — which we have covered previously on many occasions.

    In this latest, posts on Facebook and Twitter have been claiming that hospitals in New York and Long Island are preventing unvaccinated parents from taking their babies out of the ICU and neonatal units — due to CDC guidelines.

    Source: Twitter
    Source: Twitter

    This is pure fiction. Not only have the authorities categorically shut down the rumor in NY and LI, but the CDC specifically states that babies are at a very low risk of catching Covid-19 anyway. Verdict: FALSE.

    Will Walt Disney Be Unfrozen This December — No! It’s a rumor.

    Source: Daily News Reported

    Ever since Walt Disney died in December of 1966, the legend of his being cryogenically frozen has reared its head now and then — and added to the magic of his creations for younger fans.

    Two books in particular, Leonard Mosley’s 1986 Disney’s World and Marc Eliot’s 1993 Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Dark Prince (both laughable biographies), helped cement the rumor and lend it credibility.

    In 2021 the rumor has gone further, with predictions that his frozen body will be thawed this coming December. Alas, these appear to stem from a satirical article published a couple of months back. And in any case — as Snopes has pointed out — there are tangible records of old Uncle Walt’s cremation. Verdict: FALSE.

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