[Scam Alert] David Koch Donation Phishing Email

    Security alert
    Security alert

    Did you receive this email from David Koch that claims to be giving you 2,000,000.00 Million USD? Be careful of this phishing scam! Scammers impersonate the late philanthropist David Hamilton Koch’s name, trying to convince the recipients to believe they are selected to get the money. They even include a legitimate Wikipedia page about David Koch to make the deal seem more reasonable.

    So what scammers really want? Your personal information! In fact, we’ve written about other cases of fake donation/giveaway emails. The life stories might be different in other cases, but all these phishing emails have the same goal: to lure you into giving away personal information.

    If you take the bait and reply to the email, you will be asked to provide sensitive data, including address, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, or passport numbers, which they could use for further identity thefts. Please don’t fall for it!


    This is what the David Koch phishing email looks like:

    Scam Alert_David Koch
    David Koch phishing email. Source: Reddit

    Donation Information!!
    Hi, my name is Mr. Charles Koch, an elder brother to late Mr. David Hamilton Koch a philanthropist and the founder of Koch Industries, one of the largest private foundations in the world. Mr. David Hamilton Koch believe strongly in giving while living and had one idea that never changed in his mind, that you should use your wealth to help people and he decided to give USD2,000,000.00 Million Dollars to randomly selected individuals worldwide before his death on the 23rd of August 2019. On receipt of this email, you should count yourself as the lucky individual. Kindly get back to me at your earliest convenience, so that I will know your email address is valid. Email me at (charleskoc54@qmail.com) you can also visit the web page of late Mr. David Hamilton Koch to know more about the Hamilton Foundation and this grant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ David H. Koch
    Regards, Mr. Charles Koch. REPLY-TO charleskoc54(a)qmail.com

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