[Scam Alert] Fake Donation Phishing Emails

    Security alert
    Security alert

    If you receive emails in which someone says he’s going to give you millions of dollars, please be careful. It might be a SCAM! In these emails, scammers claim that they are dying and want to donate their earnings.

    Then the recipients are asked to enter their personal information including address, phone numbers, and even ID card or passport, which could be possibly used for further identity thefts. In other cases the life stories are different, but all the phishing emails are with the same goal: to lure recipients into giving away their personal information.

    Please be smart with your personal information. If someone asks you to provide sensitive information for some big prize, it’s definitely a SCAM!



    Please accept my unreserved apologies If this message invade your privacy, it wasn’t my intention to do so but I have no other choice after I have learnt what is ahead of me which is inevitable. I have been diagnosed with dangerous disease called ESOPHAGEAL cancer for so long and my doctor has recently confirmed that I have only few weeks to live because the virus has eaten deeply into my body system it takes grace of God to survive this horrible situation.

    I am contacting you because I want to will/donate the sum of 5.2 Million USD and 200-KGS of Gold Bar to you for the work of God and orphanage home in your locality, please use 70% of these money for the children and work of God, 30% for yourself. If you do agree with me,please reply back with your full information as such.

    (1) Your address
    (2) Your telephone Number
    (4) Your ID card or passport

    I need these information so I can asked a lawyer to prepare authorization of claim to your name as advised by the legal department of the bank, and also to introduce you as my foreign Beneficiary/trustee and further instruct the Bank to transfer the money to any of your designated Bank account based on the authorization of claim or affidavit as the law of the country demands.

    Contact my private email at XXX

    Thank you so much

    fake donation phishing emails
    Source: Reddit

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